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Will Intel 14th Gen support DDR5? It’s likely

Here's everything you need to know about if Intel 14th Gen will support DDR5
Last Updated on July 21, 2023
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Intel is all set to introduce the world to a much better computing experience with its 14th-gen CPUs. However, that does lead to questions about compatibility. Will Intel 14th Gen support DDR5? With the latest technical advancements and more efficiency and performance cores, Intel’s 14th-gen needs compatible memory support to perform efficiently. This article will explain whether or not Intel’s 14th-gen CPUs will be compatible with DDR5 memory. Let’s get into it.

Will Intel 14-gen Support DDR5?

Yes, it’s very likely Intel 14-gen will support DDR5. Intel 14th-gen CPUs will be using the Intel Meteor Lake Architecture, but both the codenames Raptor Lake-Refresh and Meteor Lake are being speculated for this release.

It is said to utilize the LGA1700 socket on the motherboards along with the 12th generation’s Z790 and Z690 motherboards, which are based on the 600 series chipset. Based on this hardware information, it can be deduced that upgrading your 12th-generation Alder Lake CPU to a new 14th-gen CPU could be possible – so long as there will be BIOS support for the new chips.

If we join the dots here, since the upgrade from 12th-gen to 14th-gen is possible, and DDR5 supports the 12th-gen CPU, technically, it can be speculated that DDR5 will support Intel 14th-gen too.

DDR5 Memory Overview

Before discovering if Intel 14th-gen CPUs can support DDR5, it might be best to learn a bit about what DDR5 is.

DDR5 is the next breakthrough in PC primary memory development after DDR4. Intel’s 12th-gen CPUs were the first to be compatible with DDR5 memory. This version is designed to reduce the power consumption of the RAM and boost its bandwidth and density.

When compared to DDR4 technology, DDR5 delivers four times the capacity per stick. For instance, if a mainstream PC with four DDR4 DIMM slots reaches its threshold of 128GB, DDR5 (with the same number of DIMM slots) can reach up to 512GB. This is because the capacity per DIMM of DDR5 is 128GB vs 32GB for DDR4.


For any system to perform optimally, it is essential to have a powerful processor and excellent memory. Given the evidence at hand, we are keeping our eyes peeled for a possible Q3 to Q4 2023 launch. However, as always with tech release dates, nothing is set in stone until we hear official confirmation from Intel themselves. Though Intel 14th-gen seems like it might support DDR5, we must wait until Intel makes this official. So, watch this platform for more information about the latest developments in Intel’s 14th-gen.


What RAM is Supported by Intel 14th Gen?

Although it is not officially confirmed by Intel, it is speculated that Intel 14th Gen Core will support up to DDR5-6400 memory.

Is DDR5 Superior to DDR4?

Yes, DDR5 is superior to DDR4 in most aspects. For instance, DDR5 RAM kits support higher-capacity DIMM modules. These have a faster base speed, more capacity, and consume less power. However, DDR4 is better than DDR5 in some aspects, such as better stability and lower latency.

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