PS5 Black Friday Deals 2021

It's difficult enough to get a PS5 never mind a deal on one.

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After a year of shortages, the next generation of consoles is with those of us lucky enough to be able to get hold of one. The PS5 is seemingly as rare as ever 12 months on. But what will Black Friday bring?

The PS5 brings with it up to 4k resolutions and 120 FPS thanks to its incredible future-proof architecture and extremely innovative SSD. Moreover, there’s a whole new range of games and accessories that accompany the system, making it truly an exciting time for console gamers. However, this does all come at a large cost so any PS5 Black Friday deals will more than help in this aspect.

Currently, PlayStation 5 is in very high demand and sells out quickly. Whilst we’ll do our best to upload deals when they hit, we can’t guarantee continuous stock levels. However, we do have some great alternatives with the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. Here are the best Black Friday PlayStation deals:

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Editor’s pick

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Standard Edition – PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

hot deal
Save $20

Elden Ring – PlayStation 5

hot deal
Free Steelbook with $9.99

Elden Ring – PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

hot deal
Free Steelbook worth $9.99

Best PS5 Console Black Friday Deals 2021

The PS5 arrived shortly before Black Friday 2020 but now, almost ridiculously they are still as difficult to get hold of in 2021. What we have seen when stock drops have occurred over the last 12 months is that very often the console itself is nigh-on impossible to get hold of, but if you have been prepared to accept a bundle deal then you could find them much easier. This option is obviously better for retailers as they make an increased profit and move more stock. We think it’s all a bit of a scam, to be honest but nobody is going to be clamping down on it any time soon, so if you want a PS5 you might have to join them.

Fortunately, Black Friday gives retailers the opportunity to do something with the price a little, and while we are certainly not expecting any mass reductions, there may be a few chances to shave some cost of the price of a bundle. You will find all those options here as they go live.

Best PS5 Game Black Friday Deals 2021

With next-gen console games getting a little bit of a price hike from the usual $60 to the less attractive $70, any potential savings are more than welcome. Again, luckily it’s Black Friday time which brings with it a variety of video game deals that flow over to PS5 specific games.

There might be discounts on Spider-Man Miles Morales, Demons Souls, and much more so click through to all the listed deals above and save some money on those pricey next-gen games! Some of the games that were released with the Ps5 last year could well see some discounting, but again, don’t hold your breath for anything dramatic. Keep this page bookmarked however just in case.

Best PS5 Accessories Black Friday Deals 2021

To accompany your PS5 console, there are a number of accessories that will certainly enhance your experience. Some of these include headsets, improved controllers, and external storage and if you haven’t guessed it by now, there are Black Friday deals on a plethora of these devices.

We actually expect there to be some price movements this Black Friday 2021 on things such as third-party controllers and the like, so if you are in that market, then watch this space carefully.

Other Black Friday Deals in 2021

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