Finally, a decent deal on an awesome headset just in time for The Finals season 2

Get yourself a great Sony gaming headset in time for the second season of first person shooter The Finals, and save some money too!

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With a brand new season of popular multiplayer FPS shooter The Finals on the horizon, gamers are preparing by getting their hands on the best gear to ensure they have the edge – and in a team based game like that one, a good headset can make the difference between victory and defeat.

Lucky for you then, our deals team have found this great offer on the Sony INZONE H3 Gaming Headset, a great pair of gaming headphones with a fantastic 22% discount. Previously $99.99 – you can now pick up this headset for just $78, a $21 saving on their original price.

Save 22% NOW!

Sony-INZONE H3 Wired Gaming Headset

Over-ear Headphones with 360 Spatial Sound, MDR-G300,White

Communication is key with your squad mates to make sure you get in and get out with the most gold and the victory for your team, so here’s why this headset could be your secret weapon to victory. It might even make a good case for this headset joining our list of the best gaming headsets under $100 in 2024.

Here’s why this Sony INZONE H3 gaming headset deal is perfect for The Finals Season 2

  • 360 Spatial Sound: Experience immersive audio with 360-degree spatial sound, allowing you to pinpoint the direction of in-game sounds accurately. This feature enhances your gaming experience by providing a more realistic and immersive audio environment, allowing you to react faster to in-game cues and improving overall gameplay.
  • Over-ear Design: The over-ear design provides superior comfort during extended gaming sessions, reducing fatigue and discomfort. The snug fit also helps in noise isolation, allowing you to focus solely on the game without being disturbed by external noises, thereby enhancing concentration and gaming performance.
  • Noise-Canceling Microphone: The noise-canceling microphone ensures clear communication with your teammates by minimizing background noise and focusing on your voice. This feature is essential for online gaming, as it allows for effective communication without distractions, facilitating teamwork and coordination during multiplayer matches.
  • Adjustable Headband: The adjustable headband ensures a customizable and secure fit for different head sizes, enhancing comfort and stability during gaming sessions. A comfortable headset allows you to stay focused on the game without any discomfort, enabling longer gaming sessions without causing strain or discomfort.
  • Sleek White Design: The sleek white design not only looks stylish but also adds a touch of elegance to your gaming setup. Aesthetics play a significant role in creating an immersive gaming environment, and the Sony-INZONE H3 Wired Gaming Headset’s white color scheme complements any gaming rig, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your gaming station.

What we think of this Sony INZONE gaming headset deal

Sony have a solid reputation for making great audio products and, indeed, great gaming hardware – just look at the PlayStation 5. These headphones certainly help maintain that reputation as reliable and feature packed – with surround sound that will truly immerse you in the game. The included INZONE software lets you tweak things to just how you like them, so you’ll definitely hear your enemies coming.

Best of all, these headphones will work on both PC and console, so no more hunting around for another set of cans if you prefer playing on the couch or at your desk. Furthermore, the voice focused boom mic will make sure you team mates can hear you clearly, so you can coordinate your team to that epic victory without worrying about anything getting lost in translation. With these specs, plus this price point – it’s hard to see fault in this great deal.

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