I can finally spread democracy on a budget with this RTX 4060 GPU deal for Helldivers 2

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Helldivers 2 GPU

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Newegg’s GPU deals are currently offering one of the lowest prices to date on the Zotac RTX 4060 Twin Edge OC which is down to only $299.99 (was $320) for a full $20 off. Don’t miss your chance to pick up one of the top mainstream video cards for Helldivers 2 at an all-star price today.

If we check the Helldivers 2 system requirements, the game recommends at least an RTX 2060 which was released over five years ago for the best experience. We’ve gone with something far more modern here and a leading mainstream GPU that’s retailing under $300 which you won’t want to miss out on. Thanks to 3,072 CUDA cores, 8GB GDDR6 memory, and a 192-bit memory bus, you’ll be fully armed and ready to go and spread democracy across the galaxy without fear of choppy framerates.

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$20 off

Zotac RTX 4060 Twin Edge OC

You can save a full $20 on the Zotac RTX 4060 Twin Edge OC which takes this mainstream GPU below its MSRP for one of the first times we’ve seen on record.

We absolutely love the value for money offered by this graphics card and said as much in our full RTX 4060 review which goes into the performance capabilities, design, features, and further benchmarks. You should have no problem maxing out the coop shooter in both Full HD and Quad HD thanks to the 8GB GDDR6 VRAM. While Helldivers 2 doesn’t yet support DLSS 3 Frame Generation, you’ll be well-equipped to use this tech should it ever be patched into the title at a later date.

It also sets you up nicely for the future of games that will support DLSS and ray tracing as there are hundreds of titles that run better on Ada Nvidia GPUs than the competition. Speaking to the Zotac Twin Edge model, it features a protective metal backplate, dual fan setup, and can be further overclocked to a higher boost clock than the standard card. This could make all the difference when squeezing those crucial few extra frames out, especially when the onscreen action gets intense.

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