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We think this 65-inch LG B3 OLED 4K TV deal can revitalize your home entertainment setup as brand’s B4 cements place on shelves

Save $200 on the LG B3 OLED TV!
Last Updated on April 16, 2024
An LG OLED TV displaying vibrant and colorful abstract graphics on its auto draft, with text celebrating 10 years as the world's no.1 OLED TV.
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When it comes to both OLED monitors and TVs, LG manages to produce some of the best for all home entertainment setups.

Whether it is the new Ultragear range, new ultrawide OLEDs, or TVs, there appears to be an extra step towards providing users with the best and most immersive visual experience possible.

LG’s launch of 2024 OLED TVs has come with heaps of praise, with the likes of the LG B4 maintaining some enhancements over its previous model.

While this is the case, there is no doubt that many may be thrown off course by the pricing, despite all of the aforementioned improvements made.

The best OLED TVs often adhere to a plethora of uses, in both viewing TV shows and movies, along with gaming. Finding the right balance between audio features, brightness levels, gaming specifications, and more, is crucial to attaining the right OLED TV for your needs.

While the aforementioned B4 model maintains a plethora of features that adhere to a variety of activities, its pricing is still very high considering its recent release.

Which LG OLED TV should you get without overspending?

The LG B3 Series 65-inch OLED 4K Smart TV is now on sale on Amazon, 13% off the original price, and stands as a fantastic alternative to LG’s new B4 model.

Save 13% NOW!

LG B3 Series 65-Inch Class OLED Smart TV OLED65B3PUA, 2023

AI-Powered 4K TV, Alexa Built-in,Black
Reasons to Buy
  • Cheaper than the new B4 both at the original and sale price.
  • 4K OLED – Provides great levels of immersion where it matters most. Great for gaming.
  • HDMI 2.1 – Game at 4K 120Hz. Crucial for fast paced competitve multiplayer titles.
  • 65-inch display size
Reasons to Avoid
  • 1ms response time compared to B4’s 0.1ms.

It’s now available for just $1296.99, compared to the original $1496.99. You’ll save a significant $200 to improve your visual enjoyment when gaming or streaming your favorite movies.

Is this a good time to get this OLED TV?

The previous lowest price of the LG B3 OLED was the current original $1496.99 on Amazon.

Line graph displaying price trends over time for LG products on Amazon and third-party vendors, with specific high, low, and current price points annotated.

With the current sale price at $1296.99, this is now its lowest ever, outdoing the September 18th, 2023 deal.

Since LG’s new B4 model along with other new OLED models has just recently launched, you can expect steeper discounts for the brand’s older OLED TVs.

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