Intel WiDi Media Share Software for Windows

Intel WiDi Media Share makes it extremely easy to share your media content from your laptop to an extended screen! With Intel WiDi Media Share you will be able to browse your music, image and video files on your laptop and with a simple "flick gesture" share your media files on an extended screen.

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The installation file contains the Intel WiDi Media Share Software for Microsoft Windows 7* or Windows 8* 32-bit or 64-bit operating system. This software is for systems that originally sold with Intel Wireless Display software. It is recommended that the correct wireless, graphics drivers, and WiDi software be installed on the PC prior to installing the Intel WiDi Media Share Software.

How to Install:

Confirm that you have the Windows 7 or Windows 8 Home Premium 32-bit or 64-bit operating system. After selecting download from this page and accepting end user license agreement, you will be prompted with a pop up menu. Select save and download the Intel WiDi Media Share installation file to a folder of your choice on your PC. Double click on the Intel® WiDi Media Share installation file to launch installation.

Supported Products:

  • Intel Wireless Display (Intel WiDi)

What’s New:

  • Music files without a thumbnail icon will be presented without an icon
  • Taskbar appears on top of the application once WiDi disconnected
  • Taskbar show on extended screen while presenting files (can be disabled by right click on taskbar, select properties and unselect “Show taskbar on all displays” checkbox under taskbar tab) [Windows 8 OS only]
  • The message that appears when an image file can’t be displayed in an image viewer is displayed in English for all OS languages. If the user does not know English, they will not understand the message.
  • Intel WiDi Media Share can be uninstalled while process is open
  • Selected file indication disappear after paging on folders and back to previous folder
  • When enlarging the window (not to full screen), the app doesn’t filling the whole screen
  • Changing the presented file name from a different application during presentation in Media Share and trying to present it resolves in a black screen
  • During video presentation if computer goes to sleep image is frozen but audio still works
  • When disconnection headset while video is presented will return the presented content from extended screen to main screen (only in WiDi connection) 1116 1.0Files sorting in a specific folder is implemented keeping current state as previous selected folder
  • When Intel WiDi Media Share is running and a file is presented the extended screen shown as an open window but is unselect able by Alt Tab action

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