How to transfer files between iPhone and Mac

How to transfer file between iphone and mac

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One of the main features of the Apple ecosystem is the file transfer between linked devices. You can easily transfer files from your iPhone to your Mac with the help of iCloud services. There are many reasons why you might want to transfer files between these devices and there is a solution that will surely work for you.

In today’s world, flexibility is key. We need to transfer files quickly, especially in the business and corporate field where there are many documents and files to work with.

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Luckily Apple offers quick procedures and you no longer need USB cables or traditional data transfer methods. Continue reading as we present you with 6 ways to transfer files between iPhone and Mac.

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Syncing Between Your iPhone and Mac

You can directly transfer files between these devices by syncing them. Both your iPhone and Mac have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network in order for this method to work. All you have to do is set up Wi-Fi syncing from your Mac and select the settings based on your own needs. When your iPhone and Mac are connected, you can select the iPhone from the laptop in order to sync it.


Use Dropbox


Use iCloud Drive





Apple has developed a file-sharing system that allows you to quickly transfer files between their devices. When you enable AirDrop on your iPhone, you are able to send files between any other iOS or Mac devices.

This can be done either through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection, and you have the choice of picking the fastest one. You can AirDrop contacts directly without having to manually direct your files to them. The flexibility is high, so you might want to transfer files using AirDrop for your convenience.

To do this following these steps:-



How to use Airdrop

Open ”Control Center” on your iPhone and make sure that both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are turned on.



Tap on ”AirDrop” and make your smartphone visible and discoverable by other devices.



Next, turn on this function on your Mac by accessing it from the ”Finder”. Switch Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on but make sure to connect to the same network.



Once both of these devices have enabled AirDrop and can be discovered by anyone, you will be able to see them and create a private connection for file sharing.


iTunes File Sharing

This is another app that allows quick and easy file sharing. Connect your iPhone to your computer using one of the methods presented above. Continue by accessing the iTunes app on your Mac and you will be able to see your smartphone there as well. At this point, file transfer becomes an easy thing to do. Choose the documents that you want to share and you can transfer them instantly. Access the iTunes app from the receiving device and you will find your files there.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, all of these 6 methods are effective and will get the job done quickly. Try the one that is available for you and stick with it in the long-term.