This Accessory May Not Be Supported Message – How To Fix

We know how annoying it can be when an unsupported accessory message pops up on your Apple device.

This Accessory May Not Be Supported Message – How To Fix

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When using Apple products, having the message that your accessory might not be supported can be incredibly frustrating, especially when the accessory in question is an official Apple product.

This can be for wired headphones, ear pods, chargers, or extensions that can be used to connect features to your Apple device.

However, there are different ways that you can try to combat this error message and get yourself back to using your Apple device with ease and without stress. Follow our guide to find out what these methods are and to find out if they work for you and your device.


Try Unplugging And Plugging The Feature Back In

It sounds trivial, but many people might see the error message and simply give up, rather than try to fix their device. The best thing to do is to take the charger or headphones out, or whatever else, and plug it back in.

Sometimes with Apple chargers, especially older models, you can try placing the feature the other way around so that you can see if it’s something to do with the charger. This also works for headphones sometimes and is usually a sign that you need to replace them.



Restart Your Device

Depending on whether you’re using something like an iPhone or an iPad, you can turn these devices off easily and try to reset them. For whatever reason, there might be a software issue that can be corrected by switching the device off and then back on again.

To do this effectively on an iPhone 8 or an earlier model, hold down the power button and swipe across when instructed to do so.

We recommend waiting about half a minute or so before turning your device back on so that you give your phone sufficient time to refresh.



Make Sure That Your Accessory Is Apple Approved

The easiest mistake to make when buying features like chargers online or in stores is buying a product that has not been Apple tested and will often make your device notice that it isn’t an official Apple product.

Of course, there are lots of products out there that will work with Apple products that aren’t made specifically by the brand, however, there are lots of below-par products that will cause potential damage to your Apple device.



Clean Your Charging Port

We know that it can be annoying having to clean the ports on your device, however, it has to be done to make sure that your Apple device is working to its maximum ability.

Bits of dust and debris, like dirt, will often find their way into the small crevasses where we need to charge our phones and iPads, which can be frustrating.

Frequently checking your devices for blockages and dustiness is always recommended and you should aim to do it more frequently, depending on how often you use them.


How To Clean An iPhone Charging Port

You can purchase official cleaning equipment from Apple to complete this task, however, not everyone can afford to buy these features every time they need their device to be cleaned. You can use some sort of clean toothbrush, anti-static brush, or even a Q-tip to clean the dust and debris from inside of the charging port.

Try not to move the equipment around too heavily or too much when inside the charging port to avoid creating any damage to the device. Make sure that you use patience and keep a delicate touch when trying to clear any blockages. After all, it’s not worth paying for a new phone over some stuck dust particles.

Final Thoughts

That concludes our list of ways to try and avoid the unsupported accessory error message. This message does pop up a lot for Apple users around the world, so try not to stress too much when it does enter the middle of your screen.

Because of how common it is, there are lots of different ways of getting around this problem. Usually, your phone is fine, it just needs a bit of cleaning or you need to have a play around with it.

We always recommend keeping a track of the cleanliness of your product and the features you use like headphones and chargers. This will keep your phone working properly for longer!

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