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Best RGB keyboards in 2024 – high-end, budget, and customizable picks

Last Updated on April 15, 2024
Best RGB keyboards in 2023. Image shows the text "Best RGB keyboards in 2023 - high-end, budget, and customizable picks" next to the Corsair K95 RGB PLATINUM XT and the Roccat Vulcan II Max on a blue green gradient background.

Here are our picks of the best RGB keyboards.

Keyboards are a crucial part of your PC setup for work or gaming. Whether you want to see it in the dark or make your keyboard visually appealing, RGB (Red, Green, Blue) keyboards can make that happen. RGB keyboards offer a dazzling array of colors and lighting effects that can be customized to suit your style. However, with so many options available, the challenge is in selecting the best RGB keyboard to upgrade your typing experience. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best RGB keyboards on the market.

Products at a Glance

How we selected the best RGB keyboards

We comprehensively evaluated various factors to pick the best RGB keyboards. We used our topic knowledge and PC peripheral expertise to weigh up the keyboard’s performance, including key switches, actuation point, and key rollover. Overall, to ensure you’re making a future-proof choice this list contains mostly mechanical keyboards. Non-mechanical boards can stiffen and lose their springiness over time, and have a much shorter life span than their mechanical counterparts.

A wired or wireless connection was another element to keep in mind. This list consists of wired keyboards, as RGB backlighting tends to drain the battery life of wireless keyboards at speed. However, if you’re set on a wireless connection, we’ve got you covered with our picks of the best wireless keyboard in 2024. We also considered the level of customization and durability the keyboard offers, in addition to each keyboard’s price point concerning its features and performance. A keyboard offering exceptional value for its price was given preference.

Here at PC Guide, we have a number of buying guides to suit all needs and budgets. If you’re after a keyboard that’s specifically tailored to optimize your gaming setup, dive into our guide to the best gaming keyboards in 2024. However, a versatile keyboard should be able to serve you for both gaming and work – so also check out some of the best keyboards for typing.

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Product Reviews

  • Stream Deck support
  • iCUE control wheel for better customization
  • Ergonomic wrist rest
  • 8000Hz polling rate and split-millisecond latency
  • Costly
  • Stream Deck support is limited to only macro keys

A product of the renowned brand Corsair, the Corsair K100 RGB optical-mechanical wired gaming keyboard is a true masterpiece designed for gamers seeking the ultimate performance, style, and customization.

At the heart of the K100 RGB is its sturdy aluminum frame. This frame helps enhance durability and exudes a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic. With dynamic per-key RGB backlighting and a mesmerizing 44-zone three-sided LightEdge, your gaming setup will come to life with vibrant, customizable lighting effects that can be tailored to your preferences. Better still, you can sync this keyboard with other Corsair devices across your setup.

Besides the aluminum frame, the Corsair K100 RGB also leverages the AXON Hyper-Processing Technology. It elevates your gaming performance to new heights. With native 4,000Hz hyper-polling and 4,000Hz key scanning, this keyboard delivers lightning-fast responsiveness.

The K100 also features a programmable iCUE control wheel, which is one of the most reputed features for dedicated media controls. The iCUE control wheel gives you the power of customization. With the wheel, you can control backlighting, play media, and do more through the Corsair iCUE software. This allows you to fine-tune actions for gaming and everyday applications. The only major downside of this elite RGB keyboard is its price. At over $200, it can be a costly option for several gamers but is a future-proof investment that doesn’t disappoint in terms of features and durability.

  • Programmable keys
  • Precise control with optical analog key switches
  • PBT keycaps
  • The Synapse software is not user-friendly
  • No dedicated macro keys

If you want precision, the Razer Huntsman Mini is one of the best RGB keyboards you can ask for. The keyboard features linear optical switches, which can capture your critical presses at a breakneck speed. This can help you analyze your game to increase your win rate. With an actuation distance of just 1.0 mm, these switches are 15-30% faster than traditional mechanical switches, giving you the competitive edge in fast-paced gaming. The 1000 Hz ultra polling ensures that every keystroke is detected instantaneously, eliminating any lag. With only 61 keys, it’s a good choice if you’re prioritizing compactness or have little desk space to fill with a full-size keyboard.

Personalization is key to your gaming experience, and the Huntsman Mini delivers. With Razer Chroma RGB lighting, you can fully sync your keyboard with popular games, other Razer peripherals, and even Philips Hue. It allows you to choose from 16.8 million colors for each individually backlit key to match your style.

At the same time, the oil-resistant doubleshot PBT keycaps offer durability and resist long-term grime buildup, ensuring your keyboard stays pristine. It also lets you take control of your gaming prowess with fully programmable macros using Razer Hypershift, so you can remap all keys and key combinations to execute complex commands effortlessly. At just over $100, it’s a great budget choice too.

  • Exceptional design with wrist rest
  • Linear switch options
  • Allows adding tons of functionality
  • Slippery ABS keycaps
  • Dual USB connectors that come with a fixed cable

Roccat Vulcan II Max can deliver the unparalleled performance and customization that every gamer seeks. With its Titan II Optical Mechanical Smooth Linear Switches, this keyboard offers precision and responsiveness unmatched in the gaming world.

The Vulcan II Max boasts a stunning HD AIMO RGB Lighting system that will transform your gaming setup into a mesmerizing light show, making each key press not just an action but an experience. You can also choose from a spectrum of colors to suit your mood and style and watch as the keys come to life with dynamic lighting effects that react to your every move.

To top all of that, the Roccat Vulcan II Max has an ergonomic design with a detachable palm rest that provides comfort during marathon gaming sessions. The keyboard’s durable aluminum top plate ensures longevity, and its 100M keystroke durability means it will be your gaming companion for years to come.

Additionally, customization is at your fingertips with Easy-Shift [+] and dedicated smart keys, allowing you to easily unlock a second function layer and access important functions. The keyboard also enables you to adjust media settings on the fly with dedicated controls and store up to 4 user profiles on the keyboard. With 3rd party keycap compatibility, you can further personalize your Vulcan II Max to match your unique gaming setup. Compatible with laptops and PCs via USB connectivity, this keyboard is a powerhouse that will elevate your gaming experience. You can find an in-depth review of the Roccat Vulcan II Max on our sister site, WePC.

  • Stream Deck support
  • Improved wrist rest
  • PBT doubleshot keycaps
  • Similar to Corsair K95 RGB Platinum without any significant upgrades
  • Heavy compared to other keyboards

This mechanical gaming keyboard is built for intense gaming sessions, featuring Cherry MX Speed switches for lightning-fast response times and exceptional durability. Its per-key RGB backlighting and 19-zone LightEdge create stunning lighting effects, fully customizable to match your style.

With six dedicated macro buttons, media keys, and compatibility with Elgato Stream Deck software, you can program complex macros and streaming commands for a competitive edge. The keyboard also includes S-key keycaps for this purpose. Plus, it’s equipped with a detachable soft textured leatherette palm rest, ensuring comfort during long gaming marathons.

Waterproof, ergonomic, and backlit, this keyboard is designed for gaming excellence. Whether on Windows 10 or Mac OS X 10.12 Sierra, the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT is the ultimate gaming accessory. For this reason, it’s also up there as one of our picks of the best Cherry MX Brown keyboards.

Factors to consider when selecting the best RGB keyboards

Selecting the best RGB Keyboard can be subjective, as it can vary based on individual preferences. However, there are some general factors you need to consider when buying an RGB keyboard.

Build quality and durability

For a keyboard built to last, the board itself should be made of a robust material that is not going to allow debris to get in and reduce the lifespan of its inner mechanisms. Steel or aluminum are among the best materials due to their strength, durability, and light weight.

Secondly, you cannot overlook the lifespan of the switches, as you need your investment to last you a good few years. Mechanical keyboards usually have keys with a lifespan of 20,000 to 50,000 keystrokes. Obviously, the higher the lifespan, the longer the keyboard is going to end up lasting.

RGB customization options

If you’re investing in a keyboard specifically due to its RGB features, you’re going to want to make sure you can customize them to your liking, and that y the color scheme integrates with your gaming setup. Customizable RGB lighting enhances the gaming atmosphere and can match the aesthetics of your gaming rig. Different brands will have their own software for programming RGB customization, so having brand consistency across your peripherals can make it easier to customize and sync up your devices.

Ergonomics and comfort

When you’re gaming or typing for hours on end, looking after your wrists is as important as saving your files. Maintaining a natural wrist position can keep you from straining yourself and causing muscle fatigue, which can result in serious strain injuries if left ignored. A keyboard that has a wrist rest to encourage a natural hand position, and has well spaced keys, will be better for your hand health in the long run. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to look – we’ve got you covered with the best ergonomic keyboards right here.

Our Verdict

Final Verdict

Of the five best RGB keyboards in this article, we find Corsair K100 RGB the best option. The keyboard has a sleek design and per-key RGB backlighting, making it a must-have for an exceptional gaming experience. Moreover, its 4x faster throughput ensures real-time reflection in the game for better results. You can also opt for the other best RGB keyboards in the list, as what’s best for you ultimately depends on your personal preferences.