Are Core Ultra laptops good for gaming?

A gamer's dream machine?

Are Core Ultra laptops good for gaming?

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The question, “Are Core Ultra laptops good for gaming?” is becoming increasingly relevant among the gaming community, as these laptops rise in popularity. With many gamers preferring the convenience of portable gaming, understanding the performance of Core Ultra laptops in this realm is crucial.

Core Ultra laptops, featuring the latest Intel Core Ultra processors, are not just about general computing efficiency; they also promise enhanced gaming performance. These gaming laptops are specifically designed to meet the high demands of modern games, which necessitate robust processing power, advanced graphics capabilities, and efficient handling of AI-driven tasks.

Additionally, we will look into how these laptops balance high-performance gaming with factors like battery life, a critical aspect for gamers on the go. By examining these features, we can assess whether Core Ultra laptops truly deliver a satisfying gaming experience.

This article aims to explore the capabilities of Core Ultra laptops, particularly focusing on their suitability for gaming enthusiasts who demand both power and portability.

Intel Core Ulta Laptops’ potential performance

The new Core Ultra series, particularly the Core Ultra 7 165H model, has sparked interest among gamers for its bold claims in gaming performance. These laptops are not just incremental upgrades but represent a significant leap in gaming capabilities. They are specifically designed to cater to the intricate requirements of the best games, combining advanced storage solutions, efficient configurations, and powerful processors.

Impressive gaming capabilities

  • Core Ultra 7 165H Model: This model stands out with its exceptional gaming performance. In comparison with Intel’s previous models, such as the Core i7-1370P, the Core Ultra 7 165H delivers up to a 100% improvement in demanding titles like “Baldur’s Gate 3,” offering high-quality gaming at 1080p resolution and medium settings. This performance leap is not just impressive; it’s transformative, marking a new era in Intel’s gaming-oriented processors.
  • Comparison with AMD Ryzen 7840U: When pitted against competitors like the AMD Ryzen 7840U, the Core Ultra 7 165H shows remarkable improvements, including up to a 70% increase in newer games like “Dying Light 2” and an 18% enhancement in classics like “The Witcher 3.” These figures underscore Intel’s commitment to redefining mobile gaming performance.

Storage and configuration enhancements

  • SSD and Storage Solutions: The Core Ultra series laptops are equipped with high-speed SSDs and ample storage configurations, ensuring that games load quickly and run smoothly. This feature is crucial for modern gaming, where speed and responsiveness are key.
  • Low-Power Efficiency and E-Cores: Intel has focused on low-power efficiency with the introduction of E-cores in the new Core Ultra processors. These cores are designed to handle less demanding tasks, thus conserving power for more intensive gaming sessions.
  • Innovative Technologies: The incorporation of a neural processing unit in some configurations enhances AI-driven tasks in gaming, providing a more immersive and intelligent gaming experience. This feature, coupled with the new Core Ultra’s advanced technologies, sets a new standard in laptop gaming.

In conclusion, the Intel Core Ultra 7 165H model and its siblings in the Core Ultra series offer a revolutionary approach to gaming on laptops. With their remarkable improvements in performance, storage configurations, and innovative low-power solutions, these laptops are redefining what gamers can expect from a portable gaming machine.

How can AI help gaming performance?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a game-changer in the realm of the best gaming laptops, particularly those powered by Intel’s new processors in the Core Ultra series. The integration of AI technologies like Intel’s Xe Super Sampling (XeSS) is revolutionizing how gaming graphics are rendered, making Core Ultra laptops a top choice for gamers.

Intel’s Xe Super Sampling (XeSS) technology

  • Boosting Frame Rates with AI: XeSS, a key feature in Core Ultra laptops, leverages Intel’s AI inferencing instructions to upscale graphics and significantly boost frame rates. Compared to the 13th-generation hardware, XeSS can nearly triple frame rates, showcasing how AI and machine learning are transforming gaming experiences.

Meteor Lake architecture and NPU

  • Efficient AI Calculations: The Neural Processing Unit (NPU) in the Meteor Lake architecture is designed to work alongside the GPU and CPU. This collaborative processing approach enables efficient distribution of tasks, with each unit specializing in its area of strength.
  • AI Specialization of NPU: The NPU is specifically engineered for AI-related computations, effectively unburdening the CPU and GPU. This specialization means AI tasks are processed faster and more efficiently, directly benefiting gaming performance on laptops.

Computational power of the NPU

  • Impressive Performance Metrics: With the ability to perform up to 34 trillion operations per second (34 TOPS), the NPU in Core Ultra chips exhibits remarkable computational power. This feature is particularly advantageous in modern games that increasingly utilize AI for various elements, such as in-game physics, NPC behavior, and dynamic environment interactions.

Impact on gaming experience

  • Enhanced Visual Fidelity and Gameplay: The integration of AI, especially through the NPU in Intel’s Core Ultra laptops, introduces a new level of performance in gaming. It elevates not just the visual fidelity and realism of games but also ensures more efficient and smoother gameplay, essential for the best gaming laptops.
  • Support for Advanced Features: These laptops also support high-resolution gaming experiences, such as QHD displays, and are equipped with ports like HDMI for high-quality video output. Additionally, wireless capabilities ensure uninterrupted gaming and connectivity.

In conclusion, AI’s integration, particularly through advanced NPUs and technologies like XeSS in Intel’s new Core Ultra processors, is significantly enhancing the gaming capabilities of laptops. This advancement positions Core Ultra laptops as a top choice for gamers seeking a blend of power, efficiency, and cutting-edge gaming experiences.


Core Ultra laptops are not just marginally better than their predecessors or competitors; they offer significant improvements. With up to 100% better performance in graphically intensive games like Baldur’s Gate 3 compared to the Core i7-1370P. And notable gains against AMDs Ryzen 7840U in titles like Dying Light 2 and The Witcher 3, Core Ultra laptops are a game-changer in a true sense.

The integration of Intel’s XeSS technology further enhances the gaming experience, leveraging AI to upscale graphics and dramatically increase frame rates. This combination of raw power and intelligent processing makes Core Ultra laptops not just suitable but exceptional for gaming.

For gamers who are contemplating whether a Core Ultra laptop is overkill or the perfect fit for their gaming needs, the evidence points towards the latter. These laptops deliver unparalleled performance, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking to enjoy the latest games with high-end graphics and smooth gameplay on a portable device. 

What makes Core Ultra laptops suitable for gaming?

Core Ultra laptops are designed with high-performance p-cores, or performance cores, which are crucial for gaming. These cores handle the most demanding tasks, ensuring that games run smoothly. Combined with powerful NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics and ample RAM, Core Ultra laptops can handle modern games with ease.

How does NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics impact gaming on Core Ultra laptops?

NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics cards in Core Ultra laptops provide exceptional visual fidelity and performance. They are equipped with ray tracing and AI-driven technologies that enhance gaming visuals, making them ideal for immersive and graphically intense games.

Is the RAM in Core Ultra laptops sufficient for gaming?

Yes, Core Ultra laptops generally come with sufficient RAM to support gaming. More RAM allows for smoother multitasking and better handling of games, especially those with high graphical and processing demands. It ensures that games and other applications run efficiently without lag.

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