After Quest 2 images leak, so might have the release date

Loose lips sink ships

Quest 2 headset hero shot

Last week we brought you news of a leak purporting to show the Oculus Quest 2 / S that appears to be readying itself for an appearance.The original Quest, while amazing, has been out of stock pretty much everywhere since worldwide lockdowns began. Seems as though everybody wanted to escape into VR instead.

While there are no actual technical details leaked yet, our previous article highlighted some tweaks and changes you could pick out from the images that had appeared online.

Now respected leak-meister WalkingCat (@h0x0d) popped up again with more images and a release date of September 15th.

If that date turns out to be correct we are assuming it will be related to the announcement or pre-orders, rather than being able to get your hands on one, but as our previous story said, Facebook/Oculus are intending to get a vast number of units out there by the end of the year so they don’t run into supply issues again.

Rumors had been abound that the Quest successor might be pushed back to 2021, but things seem to be hotting up and we are now more hopeful than ever for a launch this year.

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