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While Prime Day might have passed and we’re not quite at Black Friday weekend yet, Amazon still has a whole host of deals to be had. While this is typically reserved for ‘Deals of the Day’, the online retail behemoth has put on a whole week of deals dedicated to the gamers of the world. This week is aptly named ‘Amazon Gaming Week’ and features promotions on everything from SSDs to gaming headsets, making your gaming setup closer to perfection. Amazon’s Gaming week lasts up until August 31 so you’ve not got long to hoover up those fantastic deals.

As usual, Amazon doesn’t make it easy to find the best deals and discounts so we’ve aimed to do that for you. Below, you should be able to find our top selections in various categories within the Amazon Gaming Week sale so you can quickly pick up your chosen gaming products before they fly off the digital shelves.

Best Gaming Monitor Deals

Games are only getting larger in size due to increased fidelity and in-game worlds getting more and more dense. Improving your storage speed and capacity is pretty much a necessity because of this so picking up a new SSD on Amazon Gaming Week might be perfect timing before the Holiday rush. Here are the best deals we’ve found:

The above are just our top picks for Amazon Gaming Week but there are a whole lot more deals to be had on the site. Click here to go to the full deals category if you’re looking for something more niche or if the specific model you’re after isn’t listed above.

There are a bunch of different gaming monitors on offer during Amazon Gaming Week including ultrawide, curved, and fast refresh rate variants. Here are our top picks:

Best Gaming Mouse Deals

Gaming mice are surprisingly expensive when you get into eSports picks and those that have the latest sensor technology, making Amazon Gaming Week a solid time to get that upgrade you’re looking for. Below are our choices as the best deals to be had.

Best Gaming Keyboard Deals

The best gaming keyboards can usually set you back a tidy sum so picking them up on deals such as the below are a wise choice. Luckily, Amazon has discounted various brands’ entries into the market so go and get your favorite!

Best Gaming Laptop Deals

We all know that gaming laptops are a pricey affair due to companies essentially trying to cram as much tech and latest generation components into a tiny form factor machine. This, therefore, means that Amazon Gaming Week deals could be exactly what you need to get that gaming laptop you desire under budget. Here are our top selections:

Best Storage Deals

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