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AMD and Intel CPUs are getting phased out in China, with Windows OS targeted next

Last Updated on March 25, 2024
Flag of China with tech company logos AMD and Intel crossed out, implying a ban.
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The US and China have long been trying to limit the other’s economies when it comes to tech. By trying to take the market for themselves, they’re banning the best tech when it comes from outside their borders. The most recent blow in this battle comes from China, as the country is reportedly seeking to limit the amount of AMD and Intel processors in the country.

The news comes from The Financial Times, which reports that the Chinese government has proposed new guidelines that don’t allow government computers to have AMD and Intel CPUs in them. This is a strategy to phase the processors completely out of the market, in favor of domestic products. They are also seeking to get rid of Windows 11, as well, to push out all foreign technology in favor of domestic.

AMD Intel and Windows 11 could get kicked out of China for good

The reasons cited in these guidelines are for safety. With privacy concerns about computers only increasing, the government wants to make sure there is safe and reliable tech only. However, the ulterior motive of replacing these foreign technologies with domestic ones could easily be a contributing factor, to boost their own markets.

The guidelines state that all technology will need to be switched over by 2027. This change will most certainly be a huge dent in both AMD and Intel’s finances. While this currently only extends to government computers, China is still a major market for both companies. When different processors take over government computers, they could easily make their way over to consumers, as well. This would be an even bigger loss.

Both China and the US have been in a tech war for a while now, with both countries limiting foreign hardware due to security concerns. When these bans come, they allow domestic replacements to take the spotlight. Whether the AMD and Intel ban on China’s government computers will make its way to consumers is yet to be seen, but this is a big hit for both companies. Windows should keep its eyes peeled, as it’s next on the hit list.

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