Apple Store to extend trade-in on old gear to computer range

Get your Mac under your arm and head in-store for free cash

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For a while now you have been able to hand over your old iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch at an Apple Store for credit towards an updated device. The scheme was useful as not only were you getting new stuff cheaper, you were also recycling your old gear without having to go through a third-party which can sometimes feel a little dodgy as you wait for them to PayPal you the promised amount.

Rumor has it via the Bloomberg grapevine that from June 15 Apple’s trade-in offer will be extended to Mac computers. The Cupertino behemoth has reportedly told its retail stores that customers will be able to trade-in their Macs for credit towards a new machine or take the trade-in offer away on an Apple gift card for later use.

Up until recently, you had only been able to trade-in your Mac via the company’s website but now being able to deal with things in one, smooth transaction should help persuade more people to take part in the initiative.

It’s not completely smooth-sailing though as over 200 Apple Stores remain closed due to the pandemic, and for now, the trade-in of computers can only be done in the US and Canada.

Apple has also been busy preparing to launch a new installment payment plan if you are the owner of Apple Card where you will be able to pay monthly at 0% interest for new Apple devices such as Macs, iPhones, iPods, and Airpods. Again this is US and Canada only as the Apple Card has not yet reached Europe and the rest of the world.