Bungie shows a glimpse into the future of Destiny 2 with new teaser trailer

Are Bungie back in the fans' good books?

Bungie shows a glimpse into the future of Destiny 2 with new teaser trailer

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As Destiny 2 nears its fourth year of content, things have dried up somewhat and the community has been voicing concerns about the future of the game. However, in the past week, Bungie has started building for what seems to be the start of the future for Destiny 2 through small in-game skybox changes and a couple of teaser trailers.

The first of these teases was the introduction of a world-destroying ship into the skybox which guardians seem to have no power in stopping, creating an ominous feel and a sense of impending doom that players haven’t really experienced before. Individuals saw this change initially on May 26th but since the weekly reset, it has grown in size, alluding to the idea that it is edging closer to Earth, ending in destruction.

Destiny 2 Almighty

Accompanying that skybox change was a separate cutscene that again had an ominous feel, building even more tension around another long-standing enemy that players have been eager to combat.

While these titbits have seen excitement from fans, it’s the latest teaser trailer that has sent their heads into a spin, foreshadowing the travel to a whole new moon – Europa. The short trailer shows a fan-favorite character, the Drifter, leave the safety of Earth and his ship in an attempt to travel to Europa where new adventures await. The date June 9th flashes at the end of this teaser and Bungie has now made a page on their site live stating a 9 AM PDT reveal time, as well as a scheduled live stream for that date, fully unveiling of the future of the title.

With these little snippets of a potential big content drop and what plans Bungie has for the future of Destiny 2 are you able to get hyped? Or is this too little too late with most of this year’s seasons feeling stale and samey? I for one am excited to see what game director Luke Smith and the team have managed to come up with and have faith that moving forward we’ll see a more measured approach to content and less dry spells throughout year 4.