Could The Radeon RX 6700 Series Overclock Better Than 6800 Series GPUs?

Performance between AMD's cards is pretty close...

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Only recently we have seen brand new information get released by Igor’s Lab that suggests the as-yet-unannounced 6700 XT line of GPUs from AMD will be better performers when it comes to overclocking than the 6800 line of GPUs also being released by AMD.

The details in question from Igor’s lab relate to two custom variants BIOS’s being leaked and detailed via MorePowerTool, which has given us (and the rest of the internet) an insight on how we can expect these cards to perform.

What We Know About The Radeon RX 6700 XT

So far, the 6700 XT series has been kept under pretty tight wraps by the folks at AMD, but here is what looks like their plan so far for the new GPU launch. Next week, the 6900 XT from AMD is going to launch, which will see the release of the GPU that AMD is going to have at the top of their graphics card hierarchy for the conceivable future.

We already know that the 6900 XT will be able to support a max clock limit of 3.0 GHz thanks to some leaks earlier this week, and that this number is actually representative of the first time a high end GPU is capable of performing at this level.

Anyway, once this GPU launches, the talk is that AMD are going to be focussing their efforts onto the Radeon 6700 series. Now the exact specifications of these cards is still unknown to us, but we are certain that these cards will be featuring RDNA 2, and that thanks to Igor’s Lab, we have a clearer look into the BIOS of two custom 6700 XT partner cards.

The first BIOS readout suggests that a maximum clock speed of 2.854 GHz can be achieved, whilst the second promises a quicker version of the card that runs up to 2.95 GHz. What does this mean? Well, first and foremost, that these cards are capable of performing .15 GHz above the 6800 line of graphics cards, and that the 6700 series is just 50 MHz away from the max clock speed of the high end 6900 XT.

Basically, it all looks very promising for what is expected to be the more budget orientated graphics cards options coming from AMD, with other information leaked in the BIOS pointing to a variable total graphics power clocked at both 186W on one card, and at 211W on the faster performing 6700 custom card.

What Does This mean For You?

It will be interesting to see as time passes how these cards performance and power limitations affect their in-game performance, and whether or not the 6700 XT range as a whole is a better performing card in terms of overclocking, flexibility, and gaming than the 6800 range – and just how much difference there is in card performance versus price.

All we can do for now though is sit tight and wait for the release of the 6900 XT next week. If you have any questions about GPUs, AMD, or anything else related to PC gaming, just ask in the comments below, and we will be sure to do our best to answer you!