Intel Core i9-14900KS leak has been spotted, and it’s double the price of a 7800X3D

New Intel i9-14900KS logo on a blue background.

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If you’re looking for the next groundbreaking processor, keeping your eye on Intel’s special edition CPUs may be second nature. Now, Intel is seemingly ready to roll out its latest and greatest, with the 14900K’s special edition, the Intel Core i9-14900KS, as it’s been spotted in distributor warehouses while waiting for the official release.

The special edition CPU was spotted by I_Leak_VN in Vietnam, who was able to snag a photo of the packaging. It reportedly will be ready in mid-March and retails for a whopping $765. The Intel Core i9-14900KS is relatively similar to the 14900K, relying on eight Raptor Cove P-cores and 16 E-cores, just like the 14900K. However, the 14900KS is notable for its turbo clock speeds, reaching a maximum of 6.2 GHz, compared to the originals capping at 6 GHz.

Intel Core i9-14900KS Special Edition is ready to go

The packaging for the CPU is remarkably similar to the 14900K, with the same familiar blue box and silver wording. However, you can tell the difference from the small box beneath the massive Intel logo, reading “special edition.” They are packaged and ready to be shipped to retailers and distributors worldwide for the official launch.

The price hike up to $765 for the 14900KS, part of the 14th Generation Core Raptor Lake Refresh series, is steep for a slight clock speed increase. It’s meant for overclockers, and while it boasts an impressive 0.2 GHz more, paying an additional $100 for a negligible uptick can be a tough decision. It’s up to you if you believe the improved turbo clock speeds are worth the money.

Regardless, these will soon be stocked everywhere for enthusiasts to get their hands on. Whether you plan to get one of the 14900KS processors depends entirely on your preferences and necessities. If it’s too pricey, there are still plenty of great budget-friendly CPUs to choose from. And, if you love to overclock, the best CPU for gaming may be perfect for you.

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