Is LastPass Down? Everything we know about the LastPass outage

A simple server issue or a DDoS attack?news

Is lastpass down

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LastPass, the Fort Knox of password saving on most internet-browsing devices such as PC, Mac, smartphones, tablets, and more are currently down. The LastPass outage started around an hour ago at the time of writing and has the internet locked out and in uproar.

Down Detector is signaling multiple down spikes in the last hour. Credit: Down Detector

Users asking is LastPass down are stating they cannot log into their accounts on multiple devices, although some are able to log in via the LastPass app whilst not able to use any web add ons. The same does for their website:

Multiple complaints litter the Down Detectors comments section. Credit: Down Detector

LastPass Outage being classed as ‘Major’

A quick Twitter search confirms not all is well in the LastPass camp, confirming a major LastPass outage. This is quite possibly a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack, a method that hackers use to overload a companies servers to bring them down. They will then seek to infiltrate server security, plant malicious code or software, and hold secure information ransom.

On the flip side of things, this could simply be a blip with LastPass servers, which can happen to any server from time to time. Although it must be pointed out that LastPass holds extremely private information and shouldn’t be going down when people depend on LastPass reminding them of their multiple secure passwords.

Also, it could be that the LastPass cache has corrupted on the app, or the web browser extension has been corrupted. If users are having issues with the LastPass app, it’s a good idea to clear the cache on Android and re-install it on iOS devices. With the web browser extension, follow the instructions of your browser with clearing cache, remove then re-install the web browser Last Pass extension.

LastPass is yet to comment, although we will keep this article updated as the situation develops.

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