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Save $400 with this LG OLED Evo C2 Black Friday deal

A top deal on a top TV is available right now
Last Updated on November 23, 2022
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If you’re in the market for an OLED TV you can’t let a Black Friday LG OLED Evo C2 deal go inadvertently. And Best Buy has a great saving on the range, with a big $400 off of the 65-inch mode.

Black Friday is the perfect time for buying expensive items such as this TV, and items that have real caliber too.

The LG OLED Evo C2 has excellent picture quality. It has great black levels, an infinite contrast ratio, and it can display HDR content with great detail and clarity.

The Evo C2 also has great gaming performance. It has a very low input lag of only 13ms, and supports FreeSync variable refresh rate technology for a tear-free gaming experience.

LG OLED Evo C2 Black Friday deal

Even better though are the current LG OLED Evo C2 deals. There are a few savings to be found at Best Buy, and up to $800 off. We like $400 off the 65-inch model though, which knocks the price from $2,099.99 to $1,699.99.

It’s one of the best deals on LG OLED Evo C2 TVs we’ve ever seen, and on a set we consider one of the best TVs on the market.

With LG OLED Evo C2 TVs, you’ll get an incredible picture quality that’s perfect for watching your favorite movies and TV shows. You’ll also appreciate the sleek design and thin profile of these TVs. 

Is the LG OLED Evo C2 worth the money?

We think that the LG OLED Evo C2 is definitely worth the money. The picture quality is exceptional, and it’s a great TV for gaming or watching movies.

The only downside is that it doesn’t have as many features as some high-end TVs on the market, but overall, we think it’s definitely worth the price tag. 

LG’s OLED Evo C2 is a high-end TV 4K OLED TV that offers excellent picture quality, great image contrast, and no halo effect around white or bright objects. It’s one of the best TVs you can buy in its price range.

Will the LG OLED EVO C2 have an Evo panel?

The EVO panel is integrated into the LG OLED EVO C2, and this panel extends the screen to new heights in terms of both brightness and features. In addition, with the customer in mind, the LG OLED EVO C2 offers the best mix of price and picture quality with this option.

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