More PCs to get access to Windows 10 May 2020 update soon

It's time for an update on the er, update

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We reported last week that a) despite PCs seemingly being ready to install the new feature-rich May update of Windows 10 and b) it being June, huge numbers of users were receiving a message that the update wasn’t available to them, as Microsoft scrambled to ensure compatibility across the board.

Even some of Microsoft’s own machines such as the Surface range had been blocked off from the update.

After a large patch on ‘Patch Tuesday’ Microsoft now appears to be ready to offer the update to more PCs, seemingly especially those of branded desktops and laptops

Microsoft said on Twitter yesterday: “Today we are increasing the number of devices that will be offered the May Update. You may not see the update because we are slowly throttling up availability, or your device may have a compatibility hold to safeguard your update experience,”

Apparently Microsoft still has around a dozen compatibility flaws holding up the update for many users so it is distinctly possible you won’t be receiving it in this latest batch.

This compatibility hold seems to center around affected drivers and firmware and means that Microsoft aren’t prepared to push the button and bork a load of machines without being absolutely sure major issues are irradicated.

The rule of thumb here is if your PC is running fine then don’t worry about it, the new features will arrive soon enough and hopefully without breaking anything.

We will keep an eye on this story and bring updates when we get them.

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