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New iPhone SE 2023 release date, price, colors

The most budget-friendly iPhone is back with a little refresh
Last Updated on December 1, 2023
iphone se 2022
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The iPhone SE changed the game somewhat for Apple when it first launched, offering a more budget-friendly yet still powerful iPhone bringing new customers into the ecosystem. It’s been a couple of iterations since that initial launch but now it looks like we’ll be getting another upgrade.

There were rumors before Apple’s latest event that a new budget iPhone will be making an appearance but now, we have official confirmation that a new iteration of the popular iPhone SE for 2022 will be made available. 

Below, we’ll take you through all we know on the iPhone SE 2022 including the release date, price, and what colors it comes in so you can get your preorder in ready for release as soon as possible.

New iPhone SE Release Date

So when can you expect the iPhone SE 2022 model to be released? Well, thankfully you won’t have to wait too long.

The 2022 iPhone SE release date is March 18th, just a week away from the time of writing. This incredibly quick turnaround from event to release and something that Apple is doing more and more as time goes on. You can preorder, though, from March 11th so if you’re eager, you can go ahead and do that right now.

If you were holding out, waiting for a new lower-cost iPhone, in our opinion, this is the perfect chance to scoop one up.

New iPhone SE Price

We all know that the iPhone SE’s foundations are that of a low-cost handset but how much is the 2022 iPhone SE going to cost you?

The base 64GB model comes in at $429 in the US and £419 in the UK. The 128GB is $479/£469 and the 256GB is $579/$569.

This is a slight increase compared to the previous 2020 model but with it including 5G as standard, we think it’s worth the bump up.

New iPhone SE Colors

With almost every new iPhone nowadays, Apple likes to mix the color variants up a little to both give fans a new option to potentially switch over to and to grab the attention of those Android owners who may be teetering on the edge between upgrading or switching.

We’ve already seen the iPhone 13 get a refreshing Alpine Green color to add to the current lineup but sadly with the 2022 iPhone SE, things are looking a little more on the basic side.

The iPhone SE 2022 colors are Midnight, Starlight and (PRODUCT) RED, all options we’ve seen before on Apple products. While this might be a little disappointing for some, the iPhone SE is all about the budget market so we wouldn’t really expaect APple to go out on color options.

We may also see new additions to the color lineup as things progress through the year, potentially a new variant being added after the annual September Apple event.

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