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Oculus Quest Pro Controllers Leaked

Last Updated on December 1, 2023
oculus quest 2 pro controllers
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It looks like the Oculus Seacliff Controller, part of the Oculus Quest 2 successor, has leaked again. This time the leaks are accompanied by a couple of off-screen Facebook Workplace pictures. It makes sense that Oculus developers or staff use Facebook-developed software, but this could be easily imitated.

No more Infrared LED Rings

The leaked images have surfaced from the image sharing site Imgur, titled ‘Is this a leak or naw’. We have no idea where these pictures came from. But what we do know is that the Oculus controller sensors have three cameras instead of infrared LED rings. Two on the front side and one on the top faceplate above the controls. These pictures match up with the ‘Oculus Seacliff Controller’ leak posted by Reddit user Samulia.

What Do We Know About Oculus Quest Pro?

Facebook Reality Labs VP Andrew Bosworth originally hinted about the Quest Pro existence in February ask me anything Instagram session.  When asked about why Facebook doesn’t have a premium version of the Oculus Quest 2, he replied “Quest Pro, huh… Interesting…” and winked. Long story short, we know it exists in some form.

Bosworth was later quoted (Thanks Uploadvr.com) clarifying the non-existence of a Quest 3 and cementing Oculus Quest 2 as a mainstay device for the foreseeable future:

“People are also asking about the Quest 3, which doesn’t exist yet, and everyone who is listening to us who is a reporter there isn’t a Quest 3, there’s only a Quest 2, but I did hint at an AMA earlier this year about Quest Pro because we do have a lot of things in development where we want to introduce new functionality to the headset along the kinds that people theorize that we would want to introduce, and that’s a little ways off still.It’s still not gonna happen this year.

For those who are curious, Quest 2 is going to be in the market for a while – for a long while, and it’s gonna be, you know, I think the best bet for the most accessible way to get into VR and have a great experience.“

Possible Oculus Pro Features And Release Date

Here’s a round-up of rumored Quest Pro features:

  • Face and eye-tracking
  • 100-degree wide lenses
  • Lens depth adjustment
  • Not varifocal
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon chip

We’re still unsure of a release date. However, the Facebook Connect event takes place on October 28th, let’s hope this serves as a launch platform for the product.

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