Play Doom on a Windows 95 PC in Minecraft? Mind officially blown.

Get ready for some Matrix level stuff

Minecraft is still ace and the world doesn’t talk about it enough, that’s my take on things anyway. It’s not just vanilla Minecraft or RTX Minecraft or anything in particular, it’s just the flexibility of it never ceases to amaze me.

It can be played as a game, used as an educational tool, even used in wellness and mental wellbeing to relax in, but well, until now you couldn’t play Doom in it, could you? Nope. All change folks.

A recent mod, VM Computers, allows you to, with a little fiddling about, connect Minecraft to Virtualbox and run an instance of Windows 95 actually in-game.

Minecraft being Minecraft however you need to actually CRAFT the parts to build your computer, and you do this by using the Ordering Tablet item the mod comes with to order the part from the computer store satellite orbiting the Minecraft world (just go along with it okay, it’s Minecraft!).

As the satellite passes overhead (it passes over five times per Minecraft day) complete your order and wait for your bits to arrive. Minecraft Prime if you will.

From then on you have to build your computer and create an Operating system in-game, the menus guide you through it all but you will need a Windows 95 .iso file handy.

Pretty soon, if all goes to plan you will be installing Doom on your Minecraft PC and possibly breaking the Space/Time Continuum.

Oh Minecraft, how can we not love you! Let us know if you try it out.

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