Remote Desktop brings Windows 10 PC to your Android device

System integration is getting ever closer.

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Microsoft Remote desktop brought out a beta version earlier in the year that allowed users to access Windows apps and desktops directly from an Android phone or tablet.

Now a new updated version has arrived – Client version 10.0.7 that brings a number of new features, the main one of which is full support for Windows Virtual Desktop.

Windows Virtual Desktop allows you to run a virtual machine on your device (which in layman’s terms means you might be able to run an instance of your PC at work in the office you can no longer get access to from home, and from now on your Android device

While this clearly won’t be of use to everybody – if you are technically minded, or have an IT department in your job willing to support this it could turn out to be very useful to have access on the move to your work files and desktop

More interestingly is the obvious integration between Windows and Android that is bearing fruit. With the switch by Microsoft to Chromium for their Edge Browser meaning that what was once the dominated area of Google Chrome is not such an easy choice anymore, there are obviously noises in Seattle that this symbiosis of operating systems could be an interesting way forward.