SnowRunner unveils new ‘United We Drive’ Trailer

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We can’t actually decide if this is a Death Stranding parody or not, but we love it either way

Following on from Spintires and Mudrunner, the third entry in this series is taking the extreme off-road heavy-duty vehicles across snowy terrain. It’s just you and your truck taking on hostile environments, as you try to bring your cargo across an untamed landscape. As you traverse snow-covered valleys, cross icy rivers, and ascend frozen mountains, you’ll have to plan out your route and pay close attention to shifting weight to make sure you stay in control of your vehicle. 

This new trailer may have a somewhat familiar vibe to people who’ve spent any time playing Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding.

We’ve had an internal debate over this among the PC Guide team, and we can’t really decide whether it’s a deliberate parody of Death Stranding, whether it’s just an attempt to tap into similar themes which resonated with players, or perhaps it’s just a coincidence.

Certainly, the game has some thematic similarities to Death Stranding. It’s about reconnecting a large open-world recreation of America by helping to rebuild the transport and communications infrastructure, it takes place in an isolated and unforgiving hostile environment, and you are delivering precious cargo to people who need it.

Whether this trailer is a parody or not, presenting this game’s premise in this emotional manner, with a story framing the player’s mission in this type of context, certainly seems to sell the idea. It’s helping to elevate the stakes and get you invested in this mission.

SnowRunner launches on April 28. This is one of the games that Epic has paid the publisher to not sell this game anywhere other than Epic Game Store, so you’ve not got any other choice of where to get it from.