The iPhone 12 Pro will reportedly feature a 120Hz ProMotion display

Apple set to join the 120Hz refresh rate standard

The iPhone 12 Pro will reportedly feature a 120Hz ProMotion display

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As today’s PC monitors are excelling in silky smooth 240Hz refresh rates, it’s time the mobile market kept up with that trend. While we’re not seeing refresh rates of that ilk as of yet, Apple is reportedly joining the 120Hz club with the iPhone 12 Pro. The current iPhone 11 Pro is only sporting 60Hz, leaving even the Apple advocates a little disheartened with both Samsung and OnePlus managing to cram in that 120Hz into their latest iterations.

The idea of the new generation of iPhones detailing improved refresh rates is a welcomed one and something that at this point, should really be expected with the latest iPad Pro devices also featuring a 120Hz ProMotion display. If you’re wondering what the ProMotion display actually does, while it has that improved viewing pleasure of 120Hz, it automatically adjusts the refresh rate depending on what is being shown on the screen, an excellent touch for those watching their favorite movies and shows without having to manually change, removing any jankiness.

Sadly, in true Apple fashion, you’ll only receive this 120Hz ProMotion display if you pick up the more premium phones from the new lineup. You’ll be fine if you’re looking to purchase the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, but the standard iPhone 12 variants will likely only feature a 60Hz OLED display. The Pro models will also detail an upgraded Face ID with wider viewing angles, improving recognition no matter how your device is titled. This system will also be housed in a notch that has seen a reduction in size compared to its iPhone 11 Pro counterpart.

All of these details haven’t been 100% confirmed but seem very likely considering Apple are already implementing these displays into iPad Pros and are lagging behind other mobile device manufacturers.

Will you spend that extra cash on the Pro and Pro Max variants to get your hands on a 120Hz ProMotion display? Or do you think the 60Hz will do you just fine? If you’ve ever got to see a 120Hz display on a mobile device you’d know that the difference is extraordinary, but if you’ve never had that luxury, it may seem a little trivial and not worth the extra cost.