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These AR glasses are going viral – this is what they do

Last Updated on December 18, 2023
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AR glasses are nothing new, but there’s something rather special about this pair. I’m Alementary, and I cover technology and hardware news for years on my YouTube channel. So when the chance came to try on the new Xreal Air 2 AR glasses, I needed to see what all the fuss was about.

In a world where high-tech eyewear often forces a choice between style and utility, these glasses break the mold. They’re actually something you’d want to wear. Here are three ways the Xreal Air 2s can not only improve but transform everyday life.

Public transport

Claiming the third spot on the list is the glasses’ impact on public transport. Thanks to their normal appearance, light build, and seamless connectivity to any phone, including the latest iPhones, they’re perfect to use on the move. Whether standing, sitting, or lying down, the glasses provide unparalleled comfort without the fear of judgment. This unassuming yet powerful enhancement to the daily commute reflects the fusion of style and practicality, setting the Xreal Air 2s apart in the world of AR eyewear.

Virtual screens for productivity

Surprisingly, the second revelation comes from the glasses’ unexpected prowess in the professional sphere. When connected to a laptop, the virtual screens stayed fixed in place, adapting seamlessly to head movements. This unexpected feature not only enhances productivity but also introduces a dynamic element to work environments, transforming the ordinary work routine into a futuristic and visually engaging experience.


However, the pièce de résistance of the Xreal Air 2s, securing the number one spot, is their impact on gaming. The Air 2s can deliver an immersive experience on what feels like a 200-inch screen. You can get all the benefits of VR gaming, but without the sweatiness of having to wear a huge, chunky headset.

In the tech world, where promises sometimes fall short of reality, the Xreal Air 2s live up to every bit of anticipation. These glasses not only bridge the gap between style and functionality but surpass expectations by seamlessly integrating into various aspects of daily life. As Xreal Air 2s garner attention and acclaim, it’s becoming easier to envision a world where high-tech glasses not only enhance our daily lives but do so with a touch of sophistication. These glasses are not just a trend but a leap into a new era of AR eyewear, redefining expectations and proving that style and utility can indeed coexist harmoniously.

Interested in finding out more? Head over to the official Xreal shop.

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