This insane Amazon deal knocks over $600 off an LG G3 55-inch Smart TV

A promotional image featuring the LG G3 55-inch Smart TV, celebrating 10 years as the world's number 1 OLED brand with sleek colorful graphics on the screen display.

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Finding a good TV doesn’t have to be difficult, with LG lowering its Smart TV prices across the board. One of the best deals you can find is the huge price slash on the LG G3 55-inch Smart TV. You’ll have to see this deal to believe what a huge discount this is.

The LG G3 55-inch OLED evo 4K Smart TV with built-in Alexa is available for a steal on Amazon right now. It’s gone down a full 24% from $2,499.99 to an amazing $1,896.99. That shaves off over $600 that you get to keep in your pocket. This Smart TV features every feature you could want in a television. While the LG C4 release date is taking place soon, there’s no reason to ignore this fantastic G3 deal. You’ll still be able to enjoy everything great with this TV.

Why you’ll love this deal

If you jump on the bandwagon and snag this deal for the LG G3 Smart TV, here are the perks you can enjoy:

  • OLED evo Display: The LG G3 comes installed with the a9 AI Processor Gen6 to give you the best picture quality possible. With AI technology in the Brightness Booster Max, you can see up to 70% brighter images for vivid colors. Combined with the ability to select the best picture settings, it’s easy to see TV in all its glory.
  • 4K Resolution: The LG G3’s 4K (2160p) resolution allows you to see your favorite movies and shows in lifelike quality, with the best graphics and details imaginable.
  • 55-inch Screen: This large screen is perfect for living rooms and large bedrooms. No matter where you put your LG G3, it will be ready to go with the wall bracket allowing for perfect placement.
  • Dolby Vision and Home Theater: If you want to bring the magic of the theater into your own home, look no further. With Dolby Vision, you’ll get both perfect color and contrast. And, Dolby Atmos includes wrap-around sound for the best viewing experience.

Where to buy LG G3 55-inch Smart TV deal

This shocking deal for the LG G3 55-inch is only available on Amazon. You’re able to check out the other screen size options if you’re looking for something even bigger. But, to take advantage of the best deal available, there’s no discount as good as this one.

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