You won’t believe this combo on an RTX 4080 Super and 32″ Gaming Monitor that saves you $100

The MSI MAG 32" Gaming Monitor and RTX 4080 Super on a blue purple gradient.

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Are you on the hunt for more components for your gaming PC? You’ve likely noticed how pricey everything is nowadays. The best gear regularly can drain your wallet. But, with this stunning deal on an RTX 4080 Super and 4K MSI monitor, you can save big while still getting some of the best hardware available.

The MSI MAG 32″ UHD Gaming Monitor normally is priced at $599.99, and the MSI Expert GeForce RTX 4080 Super at $1,169.99. Together, that’s $1,769.98. Those prices can be intimidating. But, with this amazing combo deal, you can get $100 off. When bought together in this combo, you can knock the price down to just $1,669.98. These are amazing pieces of hardware, including one of the best GPUs for gaming. Now, with this deal, you can save big on both of them.

Save $100 NOW!

MSI 32″ 160 Hz Rapid IPS UHD Gaming Monitor + MSI EXPERT GeForce RTX 4080 SUPER combo

160 Hz Rapid IPS UHD Gaming Monitor FreeSync Premium Pro (AMD Adaptive Sync) 3840 x 2160 (4K) 93.6% Adobe RGB / 95% DCI-P3, 16GB GDDR6X PCI Express 4.0 Video Card RTX 4080 SUPER 16G EXPERT

Why you’ll love this GPU and monitor combo

Here are some of the specs you can enjoy with this fantastic monitor and GPU bundle:

  • 4K UHD High Resolution: Your games will never look better than when displayed in this stunning 4K UHD. The screen is optimized for colors and brightness, making your gaming experience more immersive and beautiful. Plus, with the Rapid IPS Panel, you’ll get even faster response time without losing graphics quality.
  • GeForce RTX 4080 Super: Built for advanced gaming, this GPU gives you extreme performance no matter how demanding the game is. With Ada Lovelace architecture, you’ll get the best graphics cards have to offer. The RTX 4080 Super can handle anything you throw at it, and still perform perfectly.

Where to buy RTX 4090 Super and monitor combo?

This unbelievable combo deal is only available through Newegg. While you’re able to pick out both of the pieces of hardware individually, you won’t get a better price than when you bundle them together. Be sure to act fast, though. This magnificent deal won’t be around forever.

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