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Twitch Data Breach: Is your Data Safe and What to Do

Change those passwords!
Last Updated on December 1, 2023
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The recent and massive Twitch leak has resulted in thousands of streamers’ incomes from the website being thrown around the web, with major content creators like Critical Role, xQc, and more having their figures published for the first time.

While these channels probably won’t feel any real burn from the effects of this leak, I bet you anything they’re doing exactly what everyone should be doing right now: changing passwords.

Twitch is quite secure, having the backing of Amazon with it, but it’s still time to change that password, reset any two-factor authentication, and more importantly for those that do stream on Twitch, reset your stream key.

You will also if you’ve linked your Amazon Prime and Twitch accounts together, change your Amazon password as well.

We’re currently scouring the leaked files to see if there’s any evidence of consumer passwords being leaked out onto the web, but from what we can see, there’s no evidence that the leakers intended to harm anyone but Amazon and Twitch themselves.

What is included is internal tools and the very much rumored competitor to Valve’s Steam, Vapour. We’re waiting to see if Twitch comments on the leak, but all we know is that they’ve been aware since Monday, with a source who spoke with VGC stating that there’s validity to the data leak.

We will keep this page up to date as more becomes clear as to what has actually made it out into the wild and which bad actors might potentially have all your data for their own nefarious uses.

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