UK Spotify Premium Users Can Bag a Free Google Nest Mini

And everyone's buzzing about it


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Spotify is making its premium subscription more and more appealing these days. You can skip more than six songs an hour, it actually plays whichever playlist you choose (rather than jumping in with generally unrelated ‘related’ songs) and you don’t have to risk not listening to the exact song you want by having to shuffle.

Now, Spotify Premium users in the UK are getting even more of the royal treatment with the chance to bag a free Google Nest Mini smart speaker while stocks last.

That’s right – “all eligible new and existing Spotify Premium individual, Family, Duo, and Student master account holders in the UK” can claim the speaker at no extra cost. Completely free. No strings attached! Oh, except, you do have to link your Spotify account with Google Assistant, but that’s all.

According to The Independent, Google and Spotify have been working together closely as of late and this is just the next product of their partnership. The deal started late last month and will continue through September, so grab yours while you can.

However, the offer is only available while stocks last. So, while some people were happy, others are coming up disappointed when they sign up only to be told the Nest Mini isn’t available right away. But it’s not a scam (though you might be tempted to believe it is) and we’re hoping more will come in stock soon!

If you’ve not already subscribed to Spotify Premium, no worries. If you sign up this month, you’ll still be eligible for the deal. Sign up here and choose the deal that suits you best. The cheapest is the student offer at $4.99 per month, but the new duo plan is only $12.99 between two accounts. Once you’ve signed up (or if you already have) go to this link and claim your free Google Nest Mini.

It’s like Christmas came early!