Voicemod beta AI voices now available

Get beta access to Voicemod's new AI voices - all you need to know

Voicemod beta AI Voices

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Voicemod, the voice-changing soundboard company, has launched its Voicemod beta AI voices.

The beta offers free real-time AI voices to try inside Voicemod’s existing soundboard software.

The company’s desktop software allows easy switching between voice effects. But Voicemod’s first-of-its-kind AI-powered voices offers several benefits and can now be tested too.

AI voices, and the company’s speech-to-speech conversion, offer new levels of customization – meaning users can create realistic vocal identities while keeping facets of their own voices.

According to Voicemod, its AI-powered voices should preserve a user’s emotion, accentuation, and pacing, while delivering “unique sonic identities”. In theory, this means a new voice that retains characteristics of a user’s real voice. And a voice that sounds more authentic too.

Voicemod’s AI voices can have accents applied. So users looking to imitate a specific in-game character, for example, would have to rely far less on voice acting.

Additionally, AI-powered voices could further help anyone uncomfortable with their own voice. The AI engine aims to create a new vocal identity with voice effects, but using existing elements of a user’s voice.

That could be a plus for more comfortable online communication. It’s certainly a change from static voice-filters which can sound false and lacking authenticity.

Plus, for VTubers and streamers preferring digital avatars and voice-effects, Voicemod’s AI voices could also be a real level-up.

Voicemod beta AI voices are free, through the regular Voicemod dashboard including sounboard and voicebox tools. Each voice is available for 24 hours before changing.

Voicemod’s voices could be used in apps like Discord, Teamspeak, ZOOM, and Skype. As well as in-game VOIP and titles including Among Us, League of Legends, and Valorant. Essentially, wherever is needed.

How to get Voicemod beta AI Voices

You can sign up to access Voicemod’s beta AI voices, through the Voicemod app.

Voicemod is a 2.92 GB download, and a lifetime license, quarterly or monthly plan for Voicemod Pro gives you access to:

  1. Complete Voicebox
  2. Unlimited Soundboard
  3. The Voice Lab
  4. Monthly content