How To Make A Copy Of A Word Document

How To Make A Copy Of A Word Document

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Believe it or not, not all Word documents are created in their original format. Meaning that you won’t have to create a new document for every single item you want.

This is great news as it means you won’t have to waste time making duplicates, especially if you want a copy of a word document you already have and don’t want to have to go into the file and copy and paste all of the items over to a new document.

Who Do You Need To Make A Copy Of A Word Document?

There are many reasons to make a copy of a Word document. These include:

  • Make a backup copy of a file you already have.
  • Sending a copy of a file to a third party without having to amend or edit the original file. Great for sharing with friends or work colleagues.
  • To have a master template of a Word file that can be duplicated over and over.

How Do You Make A Copy Of A Word Document?

There are a couple of ways to do this.



Find The File You Wish To Duplicate

The first method is to find the file you wish to duplicate and then right-click. This should lead to a number of options. The option we are looking for is Copy (Ctrl+C).

Simply click this button, which will make a copy of the file that is ready to be duplicated.

Next, you need to move the mouse cursor onto any part of the desktop, a folder, or anywhere that you wish to save the copy. Now right-click again, and you will be faced with the same options as before.

However, this time you want to select the paste option (Ctrl+V) which will make the copy.



Go Into The File Itself

Another method is to go into the file itself, and select the option from the menu at the top of the page. To find this menu, head to File, and locate the Save As button.

From here you can then save the file to a location on your computer or laptop.

From here, if you want to make a copy of your file, head back to File and then select Save. This will save a separate copy of the file you have.

Can You Make Copies Of Word Documents Using The Online Feature?

Yes, and in fact, using online editing is actually more convenient than manually having to save a copy to your computer locally.

Using a link-sharing method is faster because you won’t have to send bulky files via email which takes a lot of time, and can clutter up your inbox. Then having to keep on top of an email chain can become messy and confusing.

The other benefit is that documents that are stored online are a lot harder to lose, either by accident or an issue with your PC.

Having a place that saves the document means you can rest assured that your document is safer, just in case your child or pet accidentally knocks a glass of water over your laptop.

Using the online version of ONLYOFFICE, making a copy of a word document is simple, so we recommend that if you do a lot of work in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Office for that matter, you consider signing up for it.

Final Thoughts

Saving and duplicating copies is a useful tool that can save you a lot of time if you know how to use the shortcuts.

Whilst we’ve covered the basics of making a copy of a word document, the two options above should cover all the copying you need without overcomplicating the process and making it harder to achieve.