Razer Smart Home App launches first half of 2023

The Razer Chroma Smart Home Program invites smart home industry leaders to join in

Razer Smart Home

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In a bid to bring Razer Chroma RGBs 16.8 million color options and customization to gamers’ homes, Razer will release their own dedicated smart home app in the first half of 2022. Aiming to streamline the experience of current Razer Chroma RGB users, the three-headed snake is releasing a full-fat smart home app and is leaving the door open for the smart home industry to join its compatibility list.

The main home screen for Razers Smart Home App. Credit: Razer

Currently, Razer Chroma RGB supports thousands of devices across 50+ hardware partners and allows game developers to create custom lighting programs and maps for their titles, ushering in a new level of immersion and mood lighting for gamers. Razer couldn’t make it any easier for developers to get involved, thanks mostly to their Chroma developer portal and open SDK.

Total RGB Home Domination?

“The future of smart home living has never looked this bright,” said Richard Hashim, VP of Growth at Razer. “Razer Chroma RGB has been a fan-favorite since its inception, and today Razer marries technology and functionality in the Razer Smart Home App, enabling users with complete creative control over their environment.”

The new app is backed by Razer Chroma RGB technology. Credit: Razer.

The main takeaway from this announcement is that Razer wants to make their products as accessible as possible for everyone, which isn’t an easy sell for newcomers to the PC gaming scene. Whilst they want to look after their hardcore fans and their hardcore gaming tendencies, Razer wants to put their lime green stamp on smart homes worldwide.

Chroma Studio lets users customize their RGB lighting patterns, or even create their own. Chroma visualizer turns audio into color by displaying various waves of color as users play games, watch movies or listen to music. This is all currently connected to the expanding web of Razer and partnered devices with Chroma Connect technology with its own dashboard in the Razer Synapse program.

We hope to see more developments on this in the run-up to its official launch, but there’s currently nothing on the table about voice commands or assistant functionality or how Razer plans to get a foothold in (probably) the biggest aspect of smart home technology, home hubs, and personal assistants. Although they could license Google Assistant or make their smart home app compatible with Google Home, we’ll have to wait and see. Still, this is great news for gamers and smart home users dealing with expensive and outdated lighting systems from industry leaders. Let’s hope Razer shakes up the smart home industry for the better.

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