Shortcuts On Chromebook

Discover the shortcuts on Chromebook to make life easier when you’re on the go

Shortcuts on Chromebook

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Most Chromebook users are mobile. Their devices work faster than other computers offering a convenient experience.

However, that means you won’t have a mouse or an external keyboard. So it’s useful to save this Chromebook guide so you can have a smoother experience.

Keyboard shortcuts are easy and can be added on most devices. Chrome shares some shortcuts with other operating systems, but many are specific to Chromebooks.

Use the function keys at the very top of your keyboard to access the most common browser functions. Pressing a key shows all open windows at once, making it easy to switch back and forth.

Text Editing And Web Browsers

As mentioned earlier Chromebooks use the same keyboard shortcuts that are used in other browsers. For example, Ctrl+1 opens the 1st tab in the browser, while Ctrl+2 opens the 2nd tab.

Ctrl+T opens a new tab, while CTRL+W closes the current tab. Ctrl+L focuses the location bar so you could type a new search or URL right away. You can use Ctrl+Z to undo, and use Ctrl+X, Ctrl+, and Ctrl+V to cut, copy, and paste.

Specific To Chromebook

The shortcuts that are specific only to Chromebook are as follows:

  1. To lock your screen Search+L:
  2. To log out Ctrl+Shift + Q – you need to press both leys twice.
  3. Use Alt+E to pen chrome’s menu. This only works if the browser is open.
  4. Alt+1-8 to open Chrome applications chrome’s application. For Example, Alt+1 will launch the first app shortcut from the left.
  5. Alt+[ : Dock opens a window on the left side
  6. Alt+] Dock opens a window on the right side of the screen
  7. Ctrl +Switcher/F5 takes a screenshot which is then saved in downloads folder
  8. Alt + search – toggles the caps lock
  9. Shift + Esc – This launches the task manager

Chrome Tabs

Shortcuts on Chromebook

When you’re using your Chromebook, you will primarily be using the Chrome browser, and most of these shortcuts work exactly as described. Note down the follwing:

  1. You can open a new tab by pressing Ctrl+t.
  2. You can close a tab by pressing Ctrl+w.
  3. Re-open an already opened tab by pressing Shift+Ctrl+t.
  4. Press Ctrl+1-8 to switch to any tab by
  5. Switch to the last tab by pressing Ctrl+9.
  6. Use the next tab by pressing Ctrl+Tab.
  7. Get back to previous tab by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Tab.
  8. Open a URL in a new browser tab by typing the URL into the address bar and pressing Alt+Enter.


To open links in a new tab in Chrome OS, press Ctrl+Click on them.

Or if you want to open links in a new window, use the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Click.You can drag links to the browser’s address bar or open them in a new browser window.

Navigating Different Pages

You can go back and forth through tabs to view history by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Left Arrow key. You can also scroll up and down using the spacebar.

In addition, you can search through your history using either the Search button (Ctrl + F) or pressing the Up/Down arrows (Alt + Up/Down). You can also use the following:

  1. To navigate to the top: Ctrl+Alt+UpArrow.
  2. To navigate to the bottom: Ctrl+Alt+DownArrow.
  3. If you want to reload a page use Ctrl+r.
  4. To zoom in use Ctrl+Plus.
  5. To zoom Out: Ctrl+Minus.


Chromebooks have gained in popularity over the years and are a useful tool for those that want a handy solution to gaining information when on the go.

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