How To Mount A TV On The Wall

How To Mount A TV On The Wall (1)

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Mounting a TV onto a wall is a great space-saving technique and a pretty simple thing to do. Grab a friend and you should have the job done in no time. 

Types Of Mounts 

There are different types of mounts depending on your preference. 

For example, a fixed TV wall mount keeps the television in a stationary place but a swivel one allows the screen to swivel to the left or right. 

Tilting TV mounts let the screen tilt down to give viewers a better view and full-motion mounts let you manually adjust the television right or left, up or down for a custom angle.

Some models have telescoping arms, which can be useful if mounting a TV on the walls in a corner location.

Be sure to check compatibility with the mounting brackets before purchasing so you don’t choose the wrong mount for your particular wall. 

Height And Location 

The next consideration is where you want to put the TV. Choose a location that provides easy access to power outlets and cables.

Make sure there are enough outlets for all the devices you need. You should also think about where you’ll place the other electronics such as below the TV or on shelves that can be easily reached.

Try to avoid placing TVs in direct sunlight or heat and make sure TVs are placed away from areas of high traffic in the house. 

Optimal viewing height tends to be to center display at eye level when sitting.

Some people may consider this to be too low for a wall mount, but it is actually ideal in terms of comfort as it allows a  comfortable view without straining your neck while sitting down.

The screen should also be positioned at the correct distance away from you so that you can see everything on the screen comfortably. 

It’s a good idea to test out the preferred location from different angles around the room to ensure the location is the right one.


How To Put Up The Mount

So now let’s look at how to put up the mount.



Measure The Distance From The Top Of The TV To The Ceiling

Once you’ve established where the TV will go, the first step is to measure the distance from the top of the TV to the ceiling.

Then you’ll need to determine the proper distance from the wall. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to start mounting the TV.

A stud finder should be used to locate the center of studs before using them to mount a TV. Bear in mind that hollow-wall anchors won’t work when mounting TVs because they can’t hold up the weight of TV wall mounts.

If the TV mount is being fixed to a brick wall you should fasten the tv mount to the wall using masonry anchors as they are the only ones that will hold it.

Once you’ve found the perfect place then mark the center with a pencil or nail so you are able to find it again.



You Need To Drill Holes Into The Wood And Mount The TV Onto The Wall

In the next step, you’ll need a piece of wood cut to fit the TV screen size.

Next, you need to drill holes into the wood and mount the TV onto the wall. A level makes sure the hole spacing is correct and is crucial for accuracy.

Before you start any drilling remember the old saying,’ mark twice, cut once.’ That same rule applies when drilling into a wall. Make sure the holes are even before drilling.

Then double-check so you don’t make any mistakes. It’s much easier to correct early on than realising halfway through the process when it’s too late.



Drill The Pilot Holes First Then Use Screws To Attach The Mount

Drill the pilot holes first then use screws to attach the mount. Make sure everything is level after mounting.

Some mounts are designed to be attached directly to the back of your television.

Others are designed to attach to the sides or top of your television. Be sure you know what type of mount you are using before you begin the process.

If you haven’t already, It’s a good idea to ask a friend to help you during the last stage to place the TV on the mount as it can be awkward doing it alone.

If you have done the measurements correctly then the TV should fit straight and secure on the mount.


With careful patience mounting a TV to the wall is a simple and swift job providing you with a great way to enjoy all your favorite movies without compromising space.