Is the Xbox Series X worth it? Our thoughts

As competition grows and opinions fly, we decide if Xbox Series X is truly worth it

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Described as the next generation of gaming, the Xbox Series X is certainly advertised as a worthy follow up to the Xbox One. The Series X is the most powerful of all Xbox consoles and became the first to ever to support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, enhancing immersive gameplay to the next level. So, what’s not to like?

The console has come a long way since its original release in November 2020. The console received mixed reviews upon its initial launch. Praise was aimed at its updated game library, hardware capability, and inoffensive price. However, some criticism came from its direct comparisons to competitors, which boasted larger and more noteworthy exclusive content, underwhelming some users upon arrival. Therefore, the question remains, is the Xbox Series X worth it? Let’s discuss.

How good are the new features on the Xbox Series X?

To its credit, Xbox has certainly packed everything into their fourth generation console, wasting no room for unnecessary features. The Xbox Series X is geared solely towards impressing gamers and improving gaming. The Series X incorporates a new Microsoft interface which enhances the performance of games such as Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5. Simultaneously, the console’s support of Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos dramatically enhances the visuals. Similarly, features such as the FPS boost and ‘Quick Resume’ make the daily gaming struggles just that bit more tolerable. With all that said, its true shining beacon remains the hardware. It is well utilized and proudly stands up in the current market place among a host of alternative options.

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What could be improved on the Xbox Series X?

If you are viewing Xbox Series X as the successor to the Xbox One, then not much can be said. It is an overall improvement and natural next step for the brand. Nevertheless, with the gaming console world expanding rapidly and new features popping up everyday, the Xbox Series X can still feel a little underwhelming. The possibilities of the user interface (UI) has increased exponentially in recent years. Therefore, it was a shame to many that the UI had minimal changes from the Xbox One. Likewise, the Xbox Series X still falls behind in the exclusive content realm, especially to its major competitor- the PS5.


Potential issues regarding disk drive

Though some have noticed problems in relation to the Xbox Series X disk drive, this has not been identified as a universal issue across the console. Be sure to keep an eye out for problems and conduct thorough research to solve them.

How does it compare to the PS5?

Unfortunately, the Series X finds it struggles routed in its comparisons to the PS5. PS5 exclusive content such as Marvel’s Spider-Man and The Last of Us remain unavailable, while Xbox exclusives have remained somewhat niche in comparison. With a distinct lack of must-have exclusive content, Xbox has introduced the Game Pass. The service allows users to subscribe and access a series of games a month, but has yet to match the heights and notoriety of PS Plus. From a practically standpoint, the PS5 is also more popular. It is more likely that friends and family will be gaming together here than on Xbox. Despite its problems, the Series X does boast some noteworthy advantages over the PS5. The Xbox Series X does have a slimer, more workable size to house than its counterpart. Unlike the PS5, it has so far escaped problems of large files and limited memory.

Is the Xbox Series X expensive?

As of writing, the Xbox Series X is officially priced at $499.99/£479.99. While this is by no means a steal, it certainly is not outlandishly expensive for a gaming console. For comparison, the PS5 is currently matching the official prices of the Xbox Series X. On average, most smaller retailers have the Series X for less than the PS5, though the difference can vary based on specific deals. However, with the PS5 price settling down from its initial hike, many have justified the additional extra cost over consoles like the Series X. Ultimately demonstrating the hurdles the Xbox Series X faces when it comes to competition in the market place.

Final thoughts

So, is the Xbox Series X worth it? If one thing is for certain, the Xbox Series X is a natural and timely improvement from the Xbox One. If you are in the Xbox business and wish to remain so, the Series X is worthy investment of time and money. It is well crafted, moderately price and a genuinely solid gaming console. However, if you are not overly loyal to a brand, or simply looking to get the absolute most of out of your console, competitor options may provide more intrigue and satisfy those seeking more.