Intel 14th Gen HX-series rumors – what you need to know

Intel's 14th Gen HX-series

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The long rumoured Intel 14th Gen HX-series appears to be just around the corner, with a possible release date teased for CES 2024. But what exactly does the Intel 14th Gen HX-series offer users and how would it compare to previous models? In this article, we will dive into all things Gen HX-series and provide answers to some of the big questions surrounding the possible release.

Intel’s 14th gen series is a vast topic, and you can also find out about rumored Intel 14th Gen T-series and the Intel 14th gen non-K series, both of which we’ve covered. In the meantime, let’s delve in.

What we know so far about the 14th Gen HX-series

During a November conference in China, Intel unveiled and teased several noteworthy tech releases for fans to sink their teeth into. Along with additional refreshes for the 14th Gen desktop processors, Intel also also teased the upcoming release of the HX-series processors; a move that could significantly improve the development of laptop computing.

This teaser arrives off the back of a number of leaks (@momomo_us and @wxnod via X) which have detailed potential SKUs and specs. Although the leaks remain unverified, the alleged Raptor Lake HX-series refresh for laptop processors would certainly be a head-turner. The leaks show the prospect of high-performance SKUs and CPUs with impressive power capabilities for laptop computing, outshining its predecessors.

What are the expected Intel 14th Gen HX-series SKUs and specs?

The Intel 14th Gen HX-series CPUs could reportedly mark a significant leap in mobile computing, particularly in terms of Thermal Design Power (TDP) and clock speeds. A 55W base TDP would ensure that laptops won’t be excessively power-hungry during regular tasks. Meanwhile, the 157W MTP would allegedly provide the necessary headroom for the CPU to improve tasks like 3D rendering and video editing.

Clock speed, another critical aspect of these CPUs, is rumored to have significantly improved. These high clock speeds are instrumental in delivering swift and responsive performance. For laptop users, this would translate to quicker application launches and reduced latency in gaming. Apart from the core configuration upgrades, all Raptor Lake refresh CPUs are anticipated to feature a clock speed boost. This feature will further increase clock speed, adding to the overall performance capabilities of the CPU.

SKUsCore / ThreadsBase clockBoost clock
Core i9-14900HX24 (8+16)2.4 GHz5.8 GHz
Core i7-14700HX20 (8+12)2.3 GHz5.5 GHz
Core i7-14650HX16 (8+8)2.8 GHz5.1 GHz
Core i5-14500HX14 (6+8)2.7 GHz4.9 GHz
Core i5-14450HX10 (6+4)2.6 GHz4.8 GHz
Rumored SKUs and specs for the upcoming release of the Intel 14th Gen HX-series

Understanding rumors

Much of the speculation and details released so far regarding are Intel 14th Gen HX-series remains purely rumor.

Although information from leaks is well detailed, it remains unverified by Intel. Be sure to bare in mind when anticipating upcoming releases.

Intel 14th Gen HX-series release speculation

At the time of writing, Intel has not announced an official date for any 14th Gen HX-series SKUs. Much of the information surrounding the HX-series remains speculative and is yet to be confirmed by Intel or official sources. With that being said, online rumors have suggested that Intel could announce the series at CES 2024. Taking place between January 9 – 12, the three-day event has previously been a hotbed for Intel tech announcements.

How would Intel 14th Gen HX-series compare to previous CPUs?

Although much of the information around the Gen HX-series is purely speculative, the Intel 14th Gen HX-series is generally expected to raise the bar in terms of performance. This is particularly emphasized in the leaks surrounding the Core i7-14700HX, a model that often favors gamers and creators.

The improved capabilities were detailed in a test leak found on Geekbench. In the Geekbench 6 multi-core benchmark, the processor has reportedly scored around 17,475 points. For perspective, this would mark a 25% to 33% improvement over its predecessor, the Core i7–13700HX. Furthermore, when paired with the latest Nvidia 40 Series GPUs, the Core i7-14700HX is poised to offer a considerable balance between price and performance.

Final thoughts

Intel’s introduction of the refreshed HX SKUs in the 14th Gen series could represent an important move to maintain its presence in the 2024 market. This Raptor Lake refresh would be a testament to their commitment to innovation and continuous effort to meet the evolving demands of high-performance computing. However, while early benchmarks and leaks are promising, the actual performance and impact of these CPUs can only be fully assessed upon its official release. Until then, we will continue to bring users any updates as soon as we hear them.