Intel 14th Gen non-K series rumors – All you need to know

Everything rumored about the new Intel 14th Gen non-K series

Intel 14th Gen non-k series rumors. Image shows 3 Intel CPUs on a pink background below the PC guide logo.

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Budget CPUs are a top priority for Intel. This has been confirmed many times by its team, and as part of that strategy, we’ve observed some potential leaks and rumors surrounding the release of the new Intel 14th Gen non-K series. In this article, we’ll let you in on the rumors related to the non-K series, and outline what this information could mean for Intel users.

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Most notably; it has been rumored that the new non-K series is expected to be a low-in-price version of the original K series. Intel would achieve this by decreasing some specs like core clocks and TDP. Let’s see what the specs of the 14th non-K series might look like.

Intel 14th Gen non-K series – What info do we have?

Intel’s upcoming 14th Gen non-K series is stirring interest among budget-conscious PC users, promising a more affordable alternative to the high-performance K series. These processors are designed with lower power consumption in mind – a crucial aspect for those who prioritize energy efficiency.

The details about the 14th Gen non-K series emerged from a leak on, a well-known Spanish online store for computer components. This leak, shared by the renowned hardware leaker @momomo_us, provides a sneak peek into what Intel has planned for this more economically priced CPU lineup. 

It is speculated that the non-K series will include models like the i5-14400 and i9-14900, catering to a range of needs; from moderate to high-end performance. However, what makes this series particularly appealing is the slightly reduced pricing compared to their K-series counterparts, making them accessible to a wider range of users.

If the rumors are true; the Intel 14th Gen non-K series appears to be a thoughtful expansion of Intel’s CPU offerings, balancing the need for affordability, energy efficiency, and reliable performance. As we eagerly await more official details from Intel, the 14th Gen non-K series seems poised to become a popular choice among users who seek practical and cost-effective computing solutions.

Intel 14th Gen non-K series – Potential pricing

The Intel 14th Gen non-K series is shaping up to be a budget-conscious alternative to the more premium K series. For instance, the Intel Core i9-14900 non-K variant is expected to be priced at $662, which is $218 less than its K series counterpart priced at $880. Similarly, the Intel Core i7-14700 in the non-K lineup would be available at $452, a notable $188 cheaper than the i7-14700K’s $640 price tag. Further down the range, the Intel Core i5-14500 from the non-K series could have a price of $275, presenting a considerable saving of $205 compared to the i5-14600K, which is listed at $480.

Rumored Intel 14th Gen Non-K CPUsLeaked PricingIntel 14th Gen K series14th K series MSRP
Intel Core i9-14900$662Intel Core i9-14900K$880
Intel Core i7-14700$452Intel Core i7-14700K$640
Intel Core i5-14500$275Intel Core i5-14600K$480
Intel Core i5-14400$275  
Intel Core i3-14100$165  
Rumored Intel 14th Gen Non-K CPUs and prices

This strategic pricing of the non-K series makes these CPUs particularly appealing for users who need efficient and powerful processing, but are also mindful of their budget. Including a stock Intel CPU cooler with these processors adds to their value proposition. While this cooler may not be cut out for handling high power limits during extended workloads, it is expected to perform adequately for typical use cases of the non-K series CPUs. 

If you’re planning to push your system with more demanding tasks you might consider budgeting for a more robust cooling solution. However, for most standard applications, the stock cooler should suffice, offering effective thermal management without the need for additional investment.

Intel 14th Gen non-K series – Leaked benchmarks

We start by looking at single-core performance. If the leaked benchmarks are correct, they suggest an average improvement of about 10% over the 13th Gen Non-K family. This would be an incredible increase, especially considering that these improvements come without a significant price hike. A 10% uplift in single-core performance indicates enhanced efficiency in everyday tasks and basic computing needs. 

Furthermore, multi-threaded performance info suggests more conservative results. The Intel Core i9-14900 suggests a performance increase of around 5% over its predecessor, the Core i9-13900. This increment, while modest, would still be significant, especially for a processor not operating at its full capacity during the test we saw. The Core i7-14700 also appears to demonstrate a similar 5% improvement in multi-threaded tasks.

The most impressive leaps in purported performance are seen in the Core i5 and Core i3 segments of the 14th Gen non-K series. These processors appear to exhibit a substantial 20-30% improvement in multi-threaded performance compared to the 13th Gen chips. This marked increase would seem to be a clear indicator of Intel’s advancements in efficiency and processing power, especially in the more budget-friendly segments of its CPU lineup.

✓ Eve’s Thoughts

Leaked information

While it’s excting hearing leaked details of products before their release, it’s good to be mindful that nothing is confirmed until the product is out. Whilst price leaks can be helpful for bugetting, just remeber the number is not definate and is likely to be different to the official price.

Wrapping up

The rumors surrounding the Intel 14th Gen non-K series are certainly exciting. For the more budget-conscious PC users among us, Intel’s most recent addition could be just the CPU you’re looking for. If the rumors are true, the prices of the new non-K series compared with their K series counterpart are quite impressive. So if you’re looking for a budget-friendly, energy-efficient Intel CPU, keep your eye on the new 14th Gen non-K series. We’ll keep you up to date on the latest developments.

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