Rumored Intel 14th gen processor list and SKUs explained

Introduction to Intel's 14th gen processors

A laptop featuring the rumored Intel 14th gen processor list.

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While there is no official statement yet, the entire Intel 14th-gen SKUs are leaked. Although these are mere rumors until any announcement from Intel, it allows you to compare the two lineups of the 14th gen and 13th gen. This can help you decide whether to buy Intel’s 13th gen or wait for the 14th gen. To make this easier for you, we have explained all the Intel 14th-generation SKUs in this article of the rumored processor list.

All Intel 14th gen SKUs leaked

There are a total of 5 series of Intel processors that will be out. According to the speculated rumors from a post on X (formerly Twitter), which is now deleted, there will be Core i9, Core i7, Core i5, Core i3, and non-core processors. Let’s understand them individually.

Intel 14th gen Core i9 processors

The five rumored SKUs available in Core i9 processors are:

  • Core i9-14900K
  • Core i9-14900KF
  • Core i9-14900F 
  • Core i9-14900T
  • Core i9-14900

If the rumors are to be believed, these high-end processors will have the same 24 cores: eight performance cores and 16 efficiency cores. Thus, they will feature a similar architecture as with the Intel 13th-generation i9 SKUs.

They are reported to have a varying TDP with Core i9-14900T having a TDP of 35W. The Core i9-14900 and Core i9-14900F will both feature 65W TDP, whereas the Core i9-14900K and Core i9-14900KF will have 125W TDP. These SKUs will have a 36MB of L3 cache and support for both DDR4 and DDR5. 

Three of these 5 variants – Core i9-14900K, Core i9-14900T, and Core i9-14900 – are believed to have ECC support.

Intel 14th gen Core i7 processors

Like the 14th gen Core i9, the i7 processors are also believed to have 5 SKUs:

  • Core i7-14700K
  • Core i7-14700KF
  • Core i7-14700F
  • Core i7-14700T
  • Core i7-14700

These SKUs of the i7 Series may feature a total of 20 cores: 8 performance cores and 12 efficiency cores. The TDP is believed to be the same, as the i9 processors. The Core i7-14700T may have a TDP of 35W, while Core i7-14700 and Core i7-14700F may have a 65W TDP, and Core i7-14700K and Core i7-14700KF supposedly have 125W TDPs.

Coming to the L3 cache memory, all should support up to 33 MB cache space. Additionally, all are highly likely to be compatible with both DDR4 and DDR5 RAM. Again, all SKUs except Core i7-14700F and Core i7-14700KF of this series should support ECC memory.

Intel 14th gen Core i5 processors

The number of SKUs for Intel 14th gen Core i5 processors is the highest. There are reportedly 11 variants, with two different sets of cores. Here’s the list of the SKUs with the total cores from rumors so far.

  • Core i5-14600KF: 6 performance cores + 8 efficiency cores
  • Core i5-14600K: 6 performance cores + 8 efficiency cores
  • Core i5-14600T: 6 performance cores + 8 efficiency cores
  • Core i5-14600: 6 performance cores + 8 efficiency cores
  • Core i5-14500T: 6 performance cores + 8 efficiency cores
  • Core i5-14500: 6 performance cores + 8 efficiency cores
  • Core i5-14400T: 6 performance cores + 4 efficiency cores
  • Core i5-14400F: 6 performance cores + 4 efficiency cores
  • Core i5-14400: 6 performance cores + 4 efficiency cores

All the SKUs with 6 performance cores and 8 efficiency cores supposedly have 24 MB L3 cache memory. All the others with 6 + 4 cores will have 20 MB L3 cache memory. Again, these SKUs should support DDR4 and DDR5 RAM. As for the ECC memory support, the following Intel 14th gen Core processors are speculated to support it:

  • Core i5-14600K
  • Core i5-14600T
  • Core i5-14600
  • Core i5-14500T
  • Core i5-14500

Intel 14th gen Core i3 processors

As per the rumors, Intel is likely to have three SKUs in the i3 Core series. These three processors look to be:

  • Core i3-14100T
  • Core i3-14100F
  • Core i3-14100

The TDP for them is believed to be 35W, 58W, and 60W, respectively. All these SKUs should have 4 performance cores each. They are unlikely to have any efficiency cores. Moreover, they should have 12 MB L3 cache and support both DDR4 and DDR5 RAM. As for the ECC memory support, none is likely.

Intel 14th gen non-core processors

The 14th gen SKUs will reportedly also feature two non-core processors: Intel 300 and Intel 300T. These will seemingly have 2 performance cores with 6 MB of cache each. 


As we await the official announcement from Intel, the rumored 14th gen processor list has ignited excitement and speculation. The potential advancements in the number of cores are likely the most significant reason to wait for 14th gen processors and not buy 13th gen instead.