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Amazon deal puts AMD’s RX 7600 GPU in the spotlight months after RX 7600 XT launch

This GPU is perfect for 1080p gaming and now it's even cheaper
Last Updated on April 3, 2024
AMD Radeon RX 7600 GPU gets discounted in Amazon deal
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If you’re making changes to your gaming PC and seeking a GPU that’s perfect for 1080p gaming, this deal on Amazon is worth a look. We’re talking about this ASRock AMD Radeon RX 7600 Challenger GPU, which recently saw its price crash. You may also be considering AMD’s RX 7600 XT if you’re after the best GPUs for 1080p, which launched earlier this year in January. Since then, questions have been raised about whether the newer GPU is worth it, given its price in comparison with the RX 7600, which launched last year in May.

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ASRock AMD Radeon RX 7600 Challenger graphics card

Great value graphics card from ASRock featuring AMD Radeon RX 7600 GPU, 8GB of GDDR6 memory, overclocking support, multiple display outputs, 0dB Silent Cooling technology, and compact design.

While it’s not quite cheap enough to contend with the best GPUs under $250, this ASRock AMD Radeon RX 7600 has had a 28% discount on Amazon, meaning you can get it for $259.99. This is a solid $100 saving on its retail price of $359.99, which seems to be a good offer for this specific GPU as we’ve not seen any selling for less on Amazon.

You can also pick up the XFX Speedster SWFT210 Radeon RX 7600 for the same price, however this GPU is currently not on sale. It has a base clock of 1720 MHz and a boost clock reaching 2655 MHz, which is ever so slightly lower than ASRock’s respective 1770 MHz base clock and 2695 MHz boost clock speeds. This is very marginal though, and essentially, the ASRock GPU is competitively priced as of now.

The RX 7600 vs the 7600 XT

The question is, how does it stack up in comparison with the RX 7600 XT? With regards to performance, the main difference in these GPUs is memory. The RX 7600 XT doubles the RX 7600, with 16GB of GDDR6 128-bit memory instead of 8GB. It also offers slightly faster clock speeds of 1980 MHz, which can boost to 2755 MHz.

In terms of pricing, we’ve already seen that the RX 7600 doesn’t seem to have any offers lower than $259.99. The RX 7600 XT’s lowest offers on Amazon are on ASUS and Gigabyte cards, which cost $329.99. Many gaming enthusiasts on Reddit have commented that this $70 price increase is not worth it, as it’s not proportionate to the performance gains you’re getting with the XT model. Some have argued that having increased memory in this class of GPU doesn’t address the fundamental challenge they’re faced with, which is that they don’t have enough power to leverage it.

What you’re getting with this ASRock RX 7600 GPU deal:

Technical DetailsSpecifications
Graphics RAM8GB GDDR6
Base Clock1770 MHz
Boost Clock2695 MHz
Game Clock2280 MHz 
Card InterfacePCIe 4.0

While it won’t blow you away with jaw-dropping performance, the RX 7600 still brings some great features to the table that make it a fantastic 1080p gaming solution.

  • 8GB GDDR6 Memory: With 8GB of high-speed GDDR6 memory, this graphics card can handle textures and assets for modern games without issue, ensuring smooth performance and visuals.
  • 7680 x 4320 Resolution Support: The RX 7600 is capable of supporting resolutions up to 7680 x 4320 – it’s worth noting that it’s aimed at 1080p gaming, and it’s also capable of a decent 1440p gaming experience.
  • DisplayPort and HDMI Connectivity: This GPU comes equipped with both DisplayPort and HDMI outputs, giving you the flexibility to connect to a wide range of monitors and displays.
  • 0dB Silent Cooling: ASRock’s 0dB Silent Cooling technology ensures that the graphics card runs quietly during light workloads, eliminating distracting fan noise when you’re not gaming or doing intensive tasks.
  • AMD FreeSync Technology: With support for AMD FreeSync, you can enjoy smooth, tear-free gameplay by syncing the GPU’s frame rate with your compatible monitor’s refresh rate.
  • 18 Gbps Memory Speed: The 8GB GDDR6 memory runs at a speedy 18 Gbps, ensuring that the GPU has enough memory bandwidth to handle demanding games and applications.
  • 128-bit Memory Bus: While not the widest memory bus available, the 128-bit bus on the RX 7600 still provides decent memory performance for its class.

Our final thoughts on this GPU deal on Amazon

Having consulted the price-tracking website, camelcamelcamel, we’ve found some more data to see just how good this GPU deal on Amazon really is. As you can see, the ASRock AMD Radeon RX 7600 has been cheaper than it is now. The same can also be said for the XFX Speedster model we discussed earlier. With that being said, its price is currently below what it has been averaging in recent months. So bearing that in mind, it seems like a good time to check it out while its price is at a lower point on Amazon.

Line chart displaying fluctuations in auto draft price over time with sudden drops and spikes, particularly notable between December and February.
A graph from camelcamelcamel depicting the price history of this GPU listing on Amazon

For gamers on a tight budget, the ASRock AMD Radeon RX 7600 represents a solid mid-range option that won’t break the bank. While it may not be the most powerful GPU out there, its 8GB of GDDR6 memory and support for high resolutions make it capable of handling most modern games at decent settings. At the discounted price of $259.99, this graphics card offers a good balance of performance and affordability. In comparison with its successor, the AMD Radeon RX 7600 XT, we think this deal on Amazon puts the RX 7600 in the spotlight for anyone in the market for a solid 1080p GPU.

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