Best Buy will give you a free 4K TV when you buy the new Samsung S90D right now

What's better than one quality TV? Two!

Samsung S90D OLED and Crystal UHD 4K TVs displaying vibrant images at Best Buy.

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We’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of Samsung’s 2024 lineup of OLED TVs and it’s safe to say the first ones haven’t disappointed, offering major improvements on what were already considered some of the best OLED TVs on the market. With improved brightness and a matte display designed to overcome OLED display’s difficulties in well-lit environments, they’re definitely a step forward for Samsung who are in fierce competition with LG after their release of the LG C4.

But even better than these improvements is this deal we’ve found on Best Buy that lands you a free 4K Samsung TU690T TV when you buy any of the 2024 range, including the Samsung S90D. Check out this exciting new deal below!


Samsung S90D + Free 4K TV giveaway

65″ OLED 4K Smart Tizen TV + 65-inch Samsung TU69OT 4K TV

To get this deal you have to add the free Samsung TU690T to your basket first and then add the Samsung S90D, once this has been done you need to select the Delivery + TV/Display Setup & Mounting option for each TV during checkout. Alternatively, you can just follow this link to Best Buy where they’ve got it all set out for you.

How the S95D performs

Reasons to Buy
  • Stunning latest-gen QD-OLED display.
  • Improved brightness.
  • Quantum enhancer improves lifespan of display.
  • Latest Tizen processor for fast performance.
Reasons to Avoid
  • More expensive than equivalent LG OLED.
  • Will need to be partnered with a separate soundbar or speaker for fully immersive experience.

What we think of the Samsung S90D

The S90D is the model one down from the flagship S95D but, similar to last year’s models, still packs the vast majority of exciting tech into its cheaper frame. The S90D uses Samsung’s latest QD-OLED technology that delivers an enormous range of shades as well as stunning infinite black contrasts. Basically, it’s as good as TVs can look right now, and with the boosted brightness they’ll look even better in bright rooms as well as dark rooms. The S90D doesn’t pack the anti-glare display that the S95D has, instead getting a matte finish display that will do a very similar job.

For those looking for great gaming performance, the S90D is an excellent option. A 120Hz refresh rate provides a smooth tear-free picture, especially when used with the built-in AMD FreeSync Premium Pro. One slight negative is that the S90D doesn’t come with a One Connect Box like the S95D which allows for you to plug in all your devices wirelessly and stream onto the TV, the lack of this feature on the S90D means you will potentially have to deal with more wire clutter.

Overall, this is a top TV and a worthy successor to the super-popular S90C. The fact that you’re getting an entire 4K TV along with it only makes us want it more.

Is this a good Samsung S90D TV deal?

We think this is a great value deal that’s perfect if you’re looking to outfit multiple rooms with TVs. You rarely see deals that give away a whole TV, especially one of this quality, and we think for that alone it’s worth the money. The S95D is an expensive TV, and while getting an entirely free one on top is certainly enticing, it’s only really suitable if you’re looking for two TVs right now. Additionally, if you’re still making up your mind check out our Samsung SW95D vs LG C4 comparison to see which we prefer out of the two flagship OLED models out this year. Alternatively, check out some of these deals below.

We like the Samsung S90D a lot and think it’s worth the money if you want to splash the cash on a top QD-OLED TV. This is a rather unconventional deal as rather than knocking any money off you’re getting an entire TV on top for free. As such, we think it’s amazing value if you’re looking for two TVs for a good price. However, if it’s not quite what you’re looking for, why not check out some of these other deals that we’ve found on OLED TVs?

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