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This GPU deal marks the best time to buy an RTX 4090

Don't miss this RTX 4090 GPU deal
Last Updated on April 10, 2024
Gigabyte RTX 4090 on a green background
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Newegg’s graphics card deals are currently offering one of the lowest rates seen on an RTX 4090 GPU in quite some time. While the flagship Ada model is undeniably powerful for MSRP, it’s commonly been found this year around the $2,000 mark. Enter this offer which knocks off a full $250 making now an ideal time to consider the second-generation BFGPU.

You can currently get your hands on the Gigabyte Gaming RTX 4090 OC for just $1,799.99 (was $2,050) for a massive $250 off the sales price. While still a premium price for a top-end GPU, this is one of the best rates we’ve seen on the card since its launch which is aggressive in the video’s card second year of commercial availability. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to consider one then this deal could offer what you’ve been waiting for.

Editor’s pick
$250 off

Gigabyte Gaming RTX 4090 OC

This is one of the lowest prices we’ve seen to date on an RTX 4090 from a partner brand making now an ideal time to considering investing in high-end 4K gaming.

While the price of investment is undoubtedly steep, I can attest to the level of performance on offer which remains unparalleled as not only the fastest but also the best graphics card from a raw technical perspective. Armed with 24GB GDDR6X memory and a massive memory bandwidth of just over 1TB/sec, there’s nothing this GPU can’t do in native 4K with leading framerates; even 8K is a possibility natively around the 30fps mark depending on the software in question.

However, as with other Ada graphics cards, the real highlight of this video card is DLSS 3’s Frame Generation, which is especially bolstered by 3.5 Ray Reconstruction and the brand-new 3.7 Quality update. For even higher framerates than native, you’ll want to switch this tech on. It will be a powerful GPU for many years to come for not only gamers but also creatives, too. For more about the second-generation BFGPU, we recommend reading our full Nvidia RTX 4090 review for further details.

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