Best Prime Day VR deals 2023

Virtual Reality is within your grasp with these Prime Day deals

Best Prime Day VR deals.

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It has never been easier to get into VR than it is now, so it may be time to check out the current best Prime Day VR deals. With a wide variety of VR headsets from most major companies and even an upcoming headset from Apple, there’s plenty of choice to be had. With the upcoming Prime Big Deal Days, now is one of the best times to get into this exciting area of tech.

The main consideration you want to think about with VR is price, and whether you want to use a PC or console to run the VR headset. For example, the Meta Quest has a small computer inside the headset meaning it doesn’t need to be connected to a PC or console to play games. However, the games it can play aren’t as powerful as compared to a Valve Index that costs a lot more and needs to run off a high-powered PC, but can deliver unparalleled experiences.

Determine what kind of headset is right for you then browse through our deals to suss out which ones are best for your setup.

Today’s best Prime Day VR deals

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Meta Quest 2

Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset — 128 GB Get Meta Quest 2 with GOLF+ and Space Pirate Trainer DX included
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XREAL Air AR Glasses with XREAL Adapter

Formerly Nreal, Compatible with iPhone and Nintendo Switch, Connect to iPhone via Lightning to HDMI Adapt[iOS Nintendo Switch Playstation Android SteamOS Xbox]
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Meta Quest 2

Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset – 128GB

Where to find the best Prime Day VR deals

In general, Amazon is the best place to look for deals. However, it’s worth noting that companies like Valve usually have their VR headsets sequestered onto Steam and not on Amazon. Bearing that in mind it might be best to double-check the manufacturers of each VR headset to see if it’s cheaper on their home turf.

Though they’re no longer dominant, it’s also worth double-checking a brick-and-mortar store to see if they are stocking your preferred headset. You might get lucky and strike gold. For the most part though, Amazon is the way to go – so bookmark this page and we’ll keep you updated with the latest VR deals.

How long will Amazon Prime Day VR deals last?

You may remember that there already was an Amazon Prime Day this year, so this October event is the second edition of 2023. It will be taking place on October 10th – October 11th and is dubbed the Prime Big Deal Days. As you’d expect, the biggest and best deals will be available within those 48 hours, but that doesn’t stop early deals from cropping up.

Even following the event there is a chance that items will be discounted, but getting in nice and early is your best bet as stock levels can dwindle quickly on sought-after products.

Are VR headsets worth buying during the Prime Big Deal Days event?

VR headsets are largely quite expensive. That means you should take any opportunity you can to get them a little cheaper than usual. So yes, very much so, VR headsets are a great buy during offer periods where you can get them significantly cheaper.

I would also recommend picking up an offer whenever it arrives rather than waiting too long. Chances are these companies have already decided their markdowns for the holiday season, so while they could change and get cheaper later, it’s far from a guarantee.

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