This Samsung Odyssey G85SB curved gaming monitor is now over $500 off at Amazon

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The Samsung Odyssey G85SB curved gaming monitor is displayed on a monitor.

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Hello, gaming enthusiasts! If you’re looking for the perfect gaming display, we’ve discovered a monitor deal that’s too good to pass up.

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SAMSUNG 34-Inch Odyssey G85SB Series QD-OLED Ultra WQHD Curved Gaming Monitor

175Hz, 0.03ms, DisplayHDR True Black 400, AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, Advanced Game Streaming, LS34BG850SNXZA, 2023
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Right now, you can snag the Samsung Odyssey G85SB Gaming Monitor at a 34% discount, down from its initial $1,499.99 to just $996.99, translating to a great saving of $503.

Let’s take a closer look at the features of this monitor and why we think its one of the best gaming monitors under $1000 right now.

What we love about the Samsung Odyssey G85SB gaming monitor

  • QD-OLED panel: This monitor features a QD-OLED panel, blending OLED’s self-emitting pixels with quantum dot technology for enhanced colour accuracy.  
  • Neo Quantum Processor: A powerful processor that enhances every frame. It also includes gaming features: Gaming Hub, CoreSync, and Core Lighting+.  
  • DisplayHDR True Black 400: A certification indicating the monitor displays HDR with true blacks, a wide colour gamut, and 10-bit colour depth.  
  • AMD FreeSync Premium Pro: Matches the monitor’s refresh rate with the GPU’s, eliminating screen tearing.
  • 175 Hz refresh rate: supports up to 175 frames per second, making it ideal for fast-paced gaming genres.  
  • 0.03 ms response time: ensures clear and sharp moving images with minimal ghosting.  
  • Gaming Hub: Directly access streaming platforms like Netflix, YouTube, and Twitch from the monitor. Adjust various display settings through the Gaming Hub interface.
  • CoreSync and Core Lighting+: These features intensify the gaming mood by coordinating the monitor’s lighting with game audio and visuals. CoreSync customises front monitor lighting, and Core Lighting + provides rear ambient illumination.

Is this Samsung gaming monitor deal worth it?

This is an exceptional gaming monitor that is capable of delivering unmatched performance and image quality. It has a standout QD-OLED display, which is one of the most advanced displays on the market and can produce stunning colors and contrast. The high-resolution, HDR support, and Neo Quantum Processor take the viewing experience to new heights. With a remarkable 175 Hz refresh rate, a 0.03 ms response time, and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, this monitor ranks among the elite in gaming specs. You’re guaranteed fluid, seamless, and immersive gameplay. The CoreSync and Core Lighting + effects give it a distinctive and stylish appearance, perfect for any gaming setup. While monitors of this standard often come at a hefty price, a 34% discount makes this a reasonable option for those chasing the pinnacle of gaming displays.

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