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Yuzu Nintendo Switch Emulator

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The Nintendo Switch is a weird one to emulate. The console is still actively the main console of Nintendo, so the vague grey areas of whether you want to use this or not are up to you. 

However, the reason for the advancements in the Switch emulation scene as quickly as it is down to the fact the Switch is using much more traditional hardware than the other consoles. It’s more akin to an Android tablet than anything, making the games that it runs very easy to get up and running on an emulator. 

While there are a few things stopping it is the perfect one, Yuzu is the current favourite, with large compatibility amongst the games that it has. As of right now, there are 624 games that are “Perfect”, which Yuzu states are games that have no glitches and no workarounds needed. 

Obviously, specialised hardware is going to come up with issues everywhere, it’s why these emulators have compatibility lists, but those are that listed as “Great” usually have issues like shadows not rendering or the game being too bright. 

The Nintendo Switch is currently one of the best consoles you can get your hands on, with a large swath of games from every developer littering the storefront and a healthy homebrew scene for those with original launch Switches, which are dime-a-dozen on eBay. However, the console is strictly underpowered in terms of other comparable devices right now, with a rumoured Pro version still in the lurch. 

This is where Yuzu comes in and helps upscale newer games that might be locked to 720p and upscaled to 1080p or even provide better performance than can be experienced on hardware now over half a decade old.