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Should I buy a smart trainer?

Train smarter

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on June 14, 2023
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For keen cyclists with an interest in tech, the question on many minds is: should I buy a smart trainer?

The answer depends on your training needs and budget. A smart trainer is a tool which you attach to your bike, turning it into a stationary bike you can use indoors. This means you can keep up a cycling regime, even in poor weather. Furthermore, unlike a regular trainer, smart trainers can connect to the internet. This means they have access to a range of ‘smart’ features, including virtual training apps like Zwift and Rouvy.

Compared to regular indoor trainers, smart trainers tend to have a greater range of resistance. This is useful for more intense training regimes. With ERG mode, your resistance will be set for you depending on your goals. You’ll have to stick to your goals – no slacking off!

You should consider a smart trainer if you are a dedicated cyclist who wants to more monitor their stats more closely, or carry on training to a high standard even in poor weather conditions. They’re a great way to train smarter AND harder.

Is a smart trainer right for me?

Smart trainers are a good idea for people who want to get more out of their indoor cycling experience. If you’re a keen cyclist, especially if you have a desire to increase the intensity of your training regime, a smart trainer is a fantastic investment.

There are plenty of great options available. We love the Saris H3, available at Best Buy. It’s an extremely solid option which promises great stability and some of the best sprinting capabilities around.

Do you need a smart trainer?

Smart trainers are perfect for those who want an interactive virtual riding experience that connects to useful fitness apps. Anyone preparing for a race or simply trying to improve their cycling performance may also benefit from the stats supplied by a smart trainer too.

Are smart trainers noisy?

The noise levels of smart trainers can vary depending on the model. Typically, smart trainers are pretty quiet. Some users claim that some of these machines make a very high-pitched white noise sound that goes way above human hearing.

PC Guide Expert Opinion

Smart trainers are an excellent option for hardcore cyclists who want to maintain a solid training regime even when the weather isn’t right for cycling outdoors. They provide a way to track your progress in great detail.

Smart trainers also let you keep up to date with the latest cycling virtual platforms. You’ll be able to race your friends on Zwift, TrainerRoad and Rouvy.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, why not take a look at some of the great smart trainers available at the moment?

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