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Best Alienware Gaming PC in 2024 – Our top picks

The top Alienware picks
Last Updated on April 15, 2024
Best Alienware Gaming PC
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If you are looking for the best Alienware gaming PC, then we have some of the best pre-built picks for you right here. Alienware has positioned itself as one of the top PC brands today. From its early plunge into desktop gaming with the Aurora series and the now-discontinued Area 51 PCs, it has had time to master the world of desktop gaming.

At the moment, you will find the Aurora PCs with the latest graphics card and processors, that is, NVIDIA’s RTX 4000-series paired with Intel 13th-gen CPU. Also, you’d find earlier iterations with previous-gen CPUs and GPUs, which cost less than the newer ones and yet should be powerful enough to run most AAA games as well as demanding software. With that being said, there are quite a few Alienware gaming PC prebuilds that might suit your needs. To narrow down your choices, we have done the homework and picked the prebuilt desktops that we think are the best.

How we selected the best Alienware Gaming PC

For this guide, we have looked at several Alienware PCs, compared them, and then picked the prebuilds that we thought were the best. The PCs have been selected based on specs like CPU, GPU, RAM, cooling system, and other important factors. Further, we are always on the lookout for new products to add to our list and keep them updated – so do check back here for more updates. On the same note, if you want a more portable solution for your gaming needs, then we’d suggest checking out some of the best Alienware laptops.

We have also conducted our own testing and reviews for some of the GPUs used in these gaming PCs. While the reviews are infused into our breakdown of each product, make sure to check out how we test GPUs here.

Best Alienware Gaming PC

Best Alienware Gaming PC
  • An Alienware black box with a blue light on it.
Best in Class
  • GPU: Nvidia RTX 4090
  • CPU: Intel i9-13900F
  • RAM: 64 GB DDR5
  • Storage: 2TB SSD / 2TB HDD
Reasons to Buy
  • Nvidia RTX 4090 GPU is one of the best on the market at the moment
  • Intel Core i9-13900F processor is more than sufficient as CPU
  • Hybrid storage is excellent
Reasons to Avoid
  • Expensive GPU means the overall price is rather high
  • Out of reach for budget conscious users
  • Large amount of power consumption

If you want to go all out and get the best Alienware gaming PC, then you should check out the Alienware Aurora R15. This model is powered by the Intel Core i9-13900F processor that has 24 cores and 32 threads, so you can expect the processor to deal with whatever you throw at it. Plus, it has a max turbo speed of 5.6 GHz, which should come in handy for CPU-bound games that use more CPU than GPU power.

Along with this latest processor, you get a top-of-the-line 24GB RTX 4090, which should enable 4K gaming for you. So, if you’re someone who plays AAA video games, then this graphics card should run those effortlessly. Want to know more about this GPU? We have a full RTX 4090 review ready and waiting. The PC uses two sticks of 32GB DDR5 RAM, which can be maxed out to a total of 128GB. The storage would be sufficient for most users since it has a 2TB SSD and 2TB HDD. However, if you are planning to upgrade RAM, check out the best RAM for Intel 13th gen.

Whether you want the highest amount of frames possible or want to push ray tracing to the limits, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 impresses without compromise. 

PC Guide

For cooling, the Alienware PC uses the cryo-tech cooler system, which promises to maintain optimal temperatures when your setup is loaded and heating up. Plus, there are holes on the sides of the chassis, which should help with the cooling. For a more personalized experience, the PC comes with Alienware Command Center, which helps tweak the setup’s features. And by features, we mean the RGB lights, the overclock features, and even the thermals.

Best Entry-Level Alienware Gaming PC
  • GPU: AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800
  • RAM: 32GB DDR4
  • Storage: 1TB SSD / 1TB HDD
Reasons to Buy
  • AMD Radeon RX 6600XT GPU is reliable
  • AMD Ryzen 7 5800X processor is more than enough for entry-level
  • Great design and aesthetically pleasing
Reasons to Avoid
  • No PCIe 4.0
  • Performance is not as top tier as RTX 4090

If you’re looking for a budget Alienware PC, then we’d suggest you have a look at the Alienware Aurora R10 Gaming Desktop. Now, Alienware PCs do not come cheap, but this one is slightly more affordable than the rest of the picks. This rig is powered by AMD’s Ryzen 7 5800X processor that has eight cores and 16 threads, and can do a max turbo speed of 4.7GHz, which should be useful for running CPU-bound games like Far Cry 5 and Cities: Skylines.

Along with this, the build packs in an 8GB AMD Radeon RX 6600XT GPU, which should be able to handle most AAA games efficiently. As this is a budget pick, the setup has 16GB of DDR4 RAM and 1TB SSD, which are both upgradeable. And if you do decide to upgrade RAM for this PC, then check out the best RAM for Ryzen 7.

In terms of ports, there are 10 type-A ports in total and one USB-C port. There are also several audio ports and video output ports. This model also supports WiFi 6 connectivity. Considering the affordable price, this PC doesn’t fare badly with other desktops from top brands. As far as looks go, this build has the “Alienware” look, so you can tell right away that it’s an Alienware PC. The chassis is pretty conservative, thanks to the lack of a see-through casing. In front, there are the Alienware logo and a ring that are both illuminated and customizable.

  • Alienware Aurora R14
  • GPU: Nvidia RTX 3080
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5900
  • RAM: 32 GB
  • Storage: 1TB SDD / 2TB HDD
Reasons to Buy
  • Nvidia RTX 3080 GPU is not too expensive
  • AMD Ryzen 9 5900X CPU is reliable and does the job well
  • Good and efficient cooling system
Reasons to Avoid
  • Comparatively expensive to entry-level choice
  • Not top tier performance compared to our overall pick

If you are looking for a mid-range prebuilt Alienware Gaming PC, then this Alienware Aurora R14 model is something you should check out. This model is powered by AMD’s Ryzen 9 5900X CPU that has 12 cores and 24 threads and maxes out at 4.8 GHz, which should run your demanding games quite well. For context, this processor is on par with the Core i9-10900K – so now you know it can handle most games.

The GPU is none other than the RTX 3080, which has 10GB of VRAM and performs around 20% better than the RTX 2080Ti – so you can expect effortless graphics performance. Plus, this rig is cooled by Alienware’s cryo-tech cooling system paired with a 120mm fan, which should help maintain optimal temperatures. For more information on this GPU, check out our RTX 3080 review.

The RTX 3080 may be nearly four years old but it’s showing few signs of slowing down when gaming in native 4K.

PC Guide

Depending on who you ask, this PC’s chassis looks like a jet engine or futuristic spaceship. Still, it’s clearly designed in typical Alienware fashion. The round design of the casing works best for those who aren’t fans of the traditional rectangular PC design. Also, the customizable RGB components and transparent chassis add to this PC appeal. As far as connectivity is concerned, there are eight USB ports at the back and three type C ports in front. As you’d expect, there are one HDMI and three DisplayPort outputs at the back.

What users say

When it comes to user reviews, the Alienware Aurora R14 was highly praised for being truly eye-catching. While one user stated that “I’ve fallen in love with this pre-built”, another said that “this is a beautiful and powerful gaming PC, truly looking like a piece of alien technology on my desk” – which is what you can expect from the Alienware style.

However, other reviews seemed to point towards this being a more specifically gaming-focused rig, and that “When it comes to other tasks like photo editing (Lightroom, Photoshop) it’s borderline unusable”. This might be due to the 3080 being a bit of an older card, but if you’re looking for a PC for creative tasks, you might want to reconsider your options.

  • Alienware Aurora R16 Gaming Desktop
  • GPU: RTX 4070
  • CPU: Intel Core i9-13900F
  • RAM: 32GB DDR5
  • Storage: 1TB SSD / 1TB HDD
What We Think

Reasons to Buy
  • Efficient airflow design for cooling
  • RTX 4070 is a reliable GPU
Reasons to Avoid
  • RTX 4070 Super has largely replaced the RTX 4070
  • Design is much larger than other offerings, requires more space

The Alienware Aurora R16 with an RTX 4070 is a powerful gaming PC packing a punch for AAA titles. The RTX 4070 graphics card is up-to-date and delivers high frame rates with smooth gameplay, especially at 1440p resolution. Additionally, the 13th or 14th Gen Intel Core i7 processor ensures smooth multitasking alongside gaming. Dell offers configurations with up to 32GB of DDR5 RAM, ensuring the system won’t bottleneck the powerful graphics card. Check out our RTX 4070 review here.

However, the Aurora R16 also comes with downsides. One is the price. Universally, Alienware desktops are known for a premium attached to their brand name, and the Aurora R16 is no exception. You might be able to find similar specs for a lower price if you build a PC yourself or choose a different pre-built brand. Additionally, the Aurora R16 has a reputation for running hot. While Dell offers both air and liquid cooling options, upgrading to liquid cooling might add to the cost. The design is also quite large so may require extra care.

What users say

As expected for Alienware designs, user reviews for the Alienware Aurora R16 on Amazon highlight the PC’s looks: one user stated that “the Aurora is like a breath of fresh air, and is simple and well executed”. What’s more, another claims that it has “much better airflow than previous Alienware pre-builds”, and that overall it’s a “great PC if you want performance and don’t want to build it yourself.”

However, in terms of drawbacks, one reviewer comments that its “biggest downfall is the proprietary parts making it difficult to upgrade”, so if you’re planning on tinkering or swapping out components, you might want to do an extra bit of research.

Considerations for the best Alienware Gaming PC

Here are a few pointers that you can consider while buying a pre-built RTX 4070 setup:


If you are looking to invest in a new PC and have a big budget, then you can consider getting an Alienware PC with the latest CPU, like the Intel 13th-gen processor. However, if you do not need that much computing power, then you should look at an Intel 12th-gen or older processor that should work just fine.


While we we picked a few here, there are many different GPUs on the market. The RTX 4090 is currently the best GPU on the market so you won’t find much better than that for now. However, lower quality builds or entry-level builds may have a range of GPU options. In order to understand the best GPUs right now, check our best graphics card guide.

RTX 4090
A closer look at the RTX 4090, one of the top GPUs in the world – Image © BGFG


Even the most budget PCs and entry-level ones come with at least 8GB of RAM, which is essential to run video games and demanding applications smoothly. Plus, with PC builds, there’s always a chance to expand RAM, so you can alter the configuration whenever the need arises. For instance, the best RAM for gaming should cut down on loading times and give you an overall better experience.

Motherboard and PSU

The PSU supplies the exact power your gaming PC craves to run smoothly, preventing crashes during intense moments. Similarly, the motherboard acts as the conductor, ensuring all components communicate flawlessly for top performance. These two parts, though less flashy, are crucial for a stable and powerful gaming experience.

Cooling System

As you will be running intensive programs on your PC, the system will face pressure and heat up. To maintain optimal temperatures, ensure that your PC has an efficient cooling system and enough fans so your setup does not heat while it’s loaded.


Cost is always going to be important when purchasing any hardware. The best times to purchase are during sale periods, like Black Friday and Spring Sales. These are prime times to find gaming PCs at discounted prices. However, many retailers like Amazon run promotions year-round. Keep an eye out for these opportunities. Use price history trackers like Camelcamelcamel to see a product’s price fluctuations and identify sale patterns. This way, you’ll know if the current price is a good deal or if you should wait for a bigger drop.


If you are looking for the best Alienware gaming PC, then we’d say that the Alienware Aurora R15 is the one to pick. The setup is powered by Intel’s 13th-gen processor and Nvidia RTX 4090 GPU, which are both the latest components, so you can expect the PC to handle demanding games and applications easily. Plus, you get hybrid storage with SSD and HDD, which should give you some flexibility. Coming to the aesthetics, the Alienware setup has a futuristic look, which should appeal to most gamers. Overall, we think this is a great choice if you’re looking to invest in a maxed-out beast.

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