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RDNA3 release date: when to expect AMD’s new GPUs

From Nvidia's 40 series to Intel's new budget Arc cards, newfound GPUs are flooding the ecosystem, but all eyes remain on AMD's RDNA3 technology
Last Updated on October 14, 2022
When will RDNA3 launch?
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AMD’s Senior VP Scott Herkelman confirmed on his Twitter account that new RDNA3 GPUs, otherwise known as the Radeon RX 7000 series, would be unveiled on November 3rd, 2022.

The confirmation proves AMD will be showing off their new graphics cards soon, but there is still plenty of time before RDNA3 actually makes it onto the retail market. 

AMD has finally proven to be a respectable competitor against Nvidia. With the forthcoming launch of RDNA3, the tech firm intends to close the gap even more, perhaps even beating out its long-term rival.

According to several reports, RDNA3’s architecture will use a stacked design with 5nm GDC (Graphics Complex Die) and 6nm MCDs (Memory Complex Die) allowing AMD to pack close to 15,000 cores into a single GPU. 

AMD is aiming high for its future. The CPU and graphics card supplier expects to meet the requirements of high-demanding video games, running them swiftly while consuming less power in the process. AMD is investing a large bulk of its time and cash specifically into performance-per-watt gains.

Thanks to various results from its labs, the company has concluded that leveraging new technology that focuses on performance-per-watt improvements will not only produce less heat and consume less power while running for longer periods, but it will also be cost-effective.

It goes directly against Nvidia’s current expertise, which sees its RTX 4090 potentially requiring upwards of 850W, with many new GPU consumers wondering if they should upgrade their PSUs.

AMD is gearing up to unveil RDNA3 come November 3rd, the firm’s first-ever architecture that will enlist “top-of-the-line gaming performance to gamers in cool, quiet, and energy-conscious designs.”

All eyes are now peeled on that upcoming live stream, with several consumers waiting in excitement to see the new Radeon cards and what other potential news it will bring to the table.

What is RDNA3?

For those who may be unaware, RDNA3 is the successor to AMD’s RDNA2 graphics architecture underpinning the firm’s various upcoming Radeon products.

Much akin to Nvidia’s Ada Lovelace, RDNA3 simply refers to the manufacturing process and numbered nanometer stack behind the firm’s forthcoming GPUs.

In this vein, as AMD CEO Lisa Su revealed amid an August event, RDNA3 will run on TSMC’s 5nm node.

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