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Free VPNs For Your iPhone

We found some VPNs you can use on your iPhone which will keep you safe while you are searching online, without selling your data to third party vendors.

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on January 26, 2024
Free VPNs for your iPhone
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In recent years we’ve all become aware of how our personal data, cookies, and search habits can potentially be used for political or monetary gains by some companies.

These days, even some VPN companies that offer a free service may be using the data you give them to make money. Often, unless you are paying you are still very much giving away your data.

Yet, VPNs are now easy to find even on your iPhone or Ipad, many are easy to install and use on your iphone without worry about people using your data.

While this may provide an extra layer of protection, as mentioned, your data still may be being used in some way so take time to research each VPN and its terms and conditions before using it with reckless abandon.

Here’s some VPNs you can use on your iPhone or Ipad.

Why Use A VPN On A Mobile Device?

Beyond data protection, there are many advantages to having a VPN on your iPhone browser.

Simply, some people may use a VPN to unblock geographical locks on certain sites, help them unblock certain streaming blocks or even websites specific to geographic location.

Sometimes it could be as simple as attempting to boost an internet connection, avoid ads, and avoid WiFi spying at work or otherwise.

VPNs For Your iPhone That Will Keep You Safe

Free VPNs for your iPhone

As mentioned above, most free VPN services will jump on your desire to be safe and offer you an illusion of safety while they sell your data to third party sites.

However, we feel these sites can provide you with true safety for free.

Nord VPN

Nord VPN can be great if streaming is your main focus when using a VPN. NordVPN actually works with most streaming sites so you can watch global content from wherever you are.

They have some great safety features such as different tunneling protocols, a kill switch, as well as dark web monitoring features to protect your data and information.

One downside, but is ultimately a good thing, is that you have to put your credit card details in for their free trial, but its totally worth it- NordVPN offers the safest and most effective VPN for mobile, we would recommend paying for it as well.


Surfshark is similar to NordVPN, and offers similar features.

While NordVPN can likely offer you some complex tunneling features, Surfshark does have a larger selection of geographical areas.

Surfshark also works with streaming sites meaning global streaming is easily attainable.

Just like NordVPN, Surfshark require credit card details to get the free trial, but this is another service we would recommend paying for, but the free trial is great.


If mobile internet safety is what you are looking for, and streaming or unlocking geographically specific content isn’t for you, you should consider DuckDuckGo.

DuckDuckGo is a free plug-in you can get for your browsers on both your phone and online. While it isn’t a VPN, it offers the sort of internet safety and data protection that a VPn could.

DDG is essentially its own browser, but it doesn’t control or save your data in the same ways google does, and in the ways that people often seek to resolve with a VPN.

In terms of free internet safety on your mobile, this is a good shout without getting oyur payment details out.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many mobile VPNs out there to satisfy different customers, as well as ways of protecting your data without a VPN.

We suggested mobile VPNs which will keep you safe without selling on your data.

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